Do you own or manage a doctor’s or dentists’ office, nursing home, or urgent care center? As a business owner in the healthcare space, protecting your assets, guests, patients, and employees from coronavirus.   Learn how thermal detection screening can work to protect the well-being of employees and patients within the medical and healthcare industry.

Body Temperature Screening: Businesses That Benefit

Healthcare organizations are one of the highest risk industries facing the pandemic.

As they continue to stay open and resume business in this ‘new normal,’ owners are looking for ways to arm their business from coronavirus.

Businesses that benefit from a thermal detection unit include:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dentists offices
  • Urgent care centers
  • Chiropractor offices
  • OT/PT centers
  • ER
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes

Because those in the healthcare industry treat high-risk patients – especially those with immune-deficiency and respiratory issues, thermal detection has become an important, additional security measure many business owners have turned to for two reasons:

  • To bring peace of mind and protection against the spread of coronavirus into their office/facility
  • Risk mitigation from lawsuits caused by patients contracting coronavirus in their facility  

Body Temperature Screening For Instant, No-Contact Results

Body temperature screening, otherwise known as thermal detection, allows businesses to screen individuals as they enter their facility with a no-contact accurate temperature detection solution.

Thermal detection provides healthcare business owners a first line of defense against coronavirus by providing accurate, quick and efficient temperature screening.  

Our wrist detection unit offers:

  • Instant temperature readings at 0.02 seconds per individual
  • Touch-free solution – just stand in front of the monitor, raise up your wrist, and let technology handle the rest!
  • Accurate mask detection results – when someone tries entering without a mask, an alarm will sound notifying you on the spot.

Our Wrist Temperature Detection Unit is the ideal application for the healthcare industry.  

Its built-in AI-powered face detection functionality helps to identify people who are not complying even before they enter your facility.

It also allows you to create a pre-approved database of people allowed to enter the facility – and can even activate opening/locking a door based on those permissions.

Supercircuits offers several thermal solutions, ideally suited to meet the healthcare industry’s safety demands and challenges. To learn more, contact a dedicated thermal expert at 877-697-5632 today!