Restaurants face multi-faceted security threats. Between crowded, high-traffic areas (including the lobby, kitchen, and entrance and exits), the restaurant industry requires an additional security layer to protect staff and customers. This blog post will share the benefits of thermal detection to achieve a safe and secure business. 

Thermal Detection: A First Line of Defense

The coronavirus pandemic has forced business owners to get creative with their safety measures and protocol in every industry.

For some, this meant utilizing internal resources to manually screen every individual’s temperatures upon entry or wore mandatory wristbands that vibrated when employees got too close to one another.

In contrast, others have required employees to fill out ‘health surveys’ before working their shift. In particular, restaurant owners are presented with several moving parts that need a more accurate and reliable body temperature screening process.

These include:

  • Managing social distancing in high-traffic areas
  • Developing a screening process, with precise body temperature and mask detection
  • Deploying quick detection to avoid interruption to high-traffic traffic flow

Although public health experts advise business owners to protect their business with new and improved tools, depending on internal resources or mediocre technology may not be enough – and doesn’t offer the efficiency and accuracy – from a technological and liability standpoint.

So, what does?

Wrist Temperature Thermal Detection For Every Individual Entering Your Restaurant

Our thermal body temperature and mask detection unit is a powerful, contactless unit that is ideal for school entrances or remote buildings to check a person’s temperatures and verify compliance with mask requirements before entering the facility.

Each unit quickly processes 20-30 people per minute, creating a fast, effective way to screen students, faculty, and staff each day.

Thermal detection devices feature:

  • Instant temperature readings – 0.2 seconds per individual face recognition speed!
  • Face mask detection – with over 99 percent accuracy witout mask on, and over 90 percent accuracy with a mask on
  • Abnormal temperature alarms
  • Contactless readings

Our single person thermal detection wrist unit offers a a streamlined and highly accurate detection process to minimize exposure and prevent the spread of illness infected those individuals from entering your building.

Wrist detection measures their temperature within 0.2 seconds, and ninty-nine percent accuracy.

If they’re running a fever or they’re not wearing a mask in a business that requires one, advanced AI will sound off an alarm.

Advanced thermal detection technology allows you to screen individuals with a mask or without. It offers a measurement range of 86-113 degrees Fahrenheit, and a durability rate of IP54.

With a large capacity to hold 10,000 photos and an ultra-fast recognition time of 0.2 seconds, this feature-rich thermal wrist temperature detection is a safe, accurate, and efficient tool for your restaurants’ major entrance and exit points.

Supercircuits offers several thermal detection solutions, ideally suited to -meet the healthcare industry’s safety demands and challenges. To learn more, contact a dedicated account manager at 877-972-2522.