The Client

Located in Austin, Texas, High Park Schools integrates college-preparatory academics and extracurricular programs with a Christian perspective. Founded in 1968 as a Child Development Center (CDC), Hyde Park quickly began to grow, eventually separating from the CDC and forming the Hyde Park School System. Today, it occupies two separate campuses, one for elementary and one for high school students.

The Challenge

Hyde Park’s school administration was working hard to re-open their schools amid the current pandemic. Although they prepared to implement safety measures like social distracting and mask requirements, they knew re-opening their campuses still introduced safety risks to their students and faculty.


They considered assigning teachers and other faculty members to screen students manually.

Still, they quickly realized this was putting their staff in danger of being exposed and could potentially lead to lawsuit risks.

One of their greatest needs was to implement body temperature screening in a few high-traffic, high-risk areas like their main entrance, fieldhouse, and cafeteria, as well as other parts of the campus that would allow them to screen before students went to class. 

The Outcome – A Thermal Solution

After considering several options, they chose Alibi Security’s thermal wrist detection device, deployed at both campuses.

They had two units installed at a few essential areas, such as their main entrance and fieldhouse as well as the _____ (fill in/edit details later)

With Alibi Security’s wrist detection units now in place, they can serve students, parents, and staff with a fast, reliable, and accurate means of protection against the coronavirus.  

When an individual passes by the unit that isn’t wearing a mask, this unit’s AI-powered face detection functionality helps to identify people who are not complying.

An alarm will go off, allowing them to be pulled aside and prevent virus exposure to others. 

Hyde Park additionally benefits from:

  • Contactless solution – with a high-resolution monitor, advanced AI-powered face detection and a touchless screen 
  • Rapid screening –wrist temperature detection in 0.2 seconds per individual, 20-30 people per minute
  • Accurate detection – with over 90% accuracy with a mask, 99% accuracy without a mask
  • Customized database – allowing them to create a pre-approved database of students allowed to enter school campus, with the capability to open/unlock a door based on those permissions
  • Mitigates liability and expenses – takes the burden off of staff members that would otherwise have to manually take students’ temperatures and risk exposure to the virus, as well as remove any risk of liability for the school.

Now that their wrist detection units are in place, Hyde Park now has the means to provide rapid, accurate daily screening, mitigate expenses and liability lawsuits and ensure they have a first line of defense for the future.

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