As local government officials enforce face masks, social distancing, and reduced occupancy policies amidst a spike in coronavirus cases around the country, many business owners are looking to thermal detection as a new security measure to ensure their workplace remains free of the reintroduce of coronavirus.

This blog post will dive into three key features your business should look for when choosing a thermal device.  

Single-Person Wrist Temperature Detection– Perfect Fit for Small Business Owners 


While there are many thermal brands and products to choose from, we’re focused on providing feature-rich thermal solutions to small and mid-size business owners that require a safe, reliable, and accurate solution.

This post will focus on our single-person wrist temperature detection unit, featuring:

  • Touchless wrist temp detection in 0.2 seconds!
  • High-resolution 7-inch touchscreen monitor
  • Real-time temperature and face mask alerts
  • Scans 20-30 people per minute

Benefits of the Wrist Thermal Temperature Screening 

Alibi Security offers a wrist temperature detection solution, ideal for small businesses of any industry. It provides rapid temperature screening at 0.02 seconds per individual and up to 30 people per minute.

The unit features a no-touch infrared wrist temperature sensor, allowing you to achieve a no-contact screening process as customers, employees, and visitors enter your building. Set up the module at your organization’s entrance, instruct each person entering your workplace to place their wrist in front of the device.

Within 0.02 seconds, an accurate temperature is displayed. With superior body temperature technology, quick and precise readings, a wrist temperature detection module is great for many uses.

Facial Recognition 

Our wrist detection unit also features highly accurate facial recognition capabilities, allowing you to identify infected individuals or those trying to enter facilities without a mask.

It offers over 99 percent accuracy to those not wearing a mask, with over 4 GB storage capacity that can hold over 10,000 faces/images, and advanced smart technology including high-temperature measurement and advanced AI-driven face recognition.

Safe, reliable, fast, and accurate, this unit is ideal for airports, schools, retail stores, restaurants, and nursing homes to protect individuals from preventing the introduction and/or spread of viruses.

Face Mask Detection 

No industry is safe from coronavirus – and as a new wave of coronavirus cases blazes through the country and individuals are required to wear masks, it’s important to equip your business with thermal detection that can accurately provide face mask detection.

Our wrist detection unit offers an instant, non-contact approach to detect human body temperature while wearing masks – with an accuracy of over 90%.

Our solution features mask detection and facial recognition technology, with a built-in infrared thermoelectric sensor and temperature measurement module for accurate temperature measurement.

It gives you the ability to recognize and register people as they enter your facility. If an individual has abnormally high body temperature or is not wearing a mask, visual and audio alarms are triggered – alerting you of the potential threat.

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