Top 5 Shoplifting Fail Videos

Shoplifting is a problem in any retail environment. Security cameras are meant to capture thieves – but sometimes, hidden cameras can catch not only a thief, but some crazy behavior.

Take a lighter look at loss prevention by checking out five of our favorite would-be felons, whose shoplifting fails were captured by well-placed cameras.

No Booze for You

It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Every great thief knows that you shouldn’t steal while the manager is looking. That’s why this criminal mastermind makes sure to scout out the manager’s office before making his move and stashing a bottle in those baggy pants.

Unfortunately for him, his effort to avoid the office places him right in front of the hidden security camera.


We can almost sympathize with this thief. Those cute, cuddly, fuzzy little puppies are so adorable, you want to take one home this minute, right? Well, maybe you should wait until the clerk gets back and just pay.

This Long Island criminal once employs the same technique as the alcohol thief, displaying to the camera that shoving things down your pants isn’t just for booze anymore. We thought we had seen everything, but doing that to a live little dog? Really?

Skirt of Holding

Shoplifting – not just for pants anymore. This woman’s choice in outfits is worthy of a mage in a video game. Caught by building security cameras, this thieving magician slips item after item into hidden pockets that make them seem to simply disappear.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

With NFL season in full swing, we can understand why someone would want to wear the jersey of a champion like Drew Brees. Watch this guy try over and over to successfully nab a jersey and make an escape.

The many customers and observant sales staff at this store keep changing this would-be thief’s plans, but we give him points for a solid drive down the field, even though he loses with a holding penalty.

The Best of Theft Comp Video

Who can make it into thievery’s best comp video: a nonchalant-looking business man, a woman with some intimidating inner leg strength, and yet another thief in need of a whole new outfit?

This video has it all. Watch as hidden cameras capture amazing feats of dexterity like walking around with a 12-pack between your knees or synchronized stealing with a partner. In both high-definition and low, watch these unfortunate thieves demonstrate all their skills (or lack of them, as the case may be).

Don’t fall victim to these ever-so-brilliant criminal masterminds. Make sure your business is protected by using the best covert cameras on the market. Experts are there to help you with placement and proper installation, so you don’t miss a moment of your next upcoming YouTube special. Now get those cameras rolling and start the show!

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