50 Ways Your Business is Vulnerable to Theft

How safe is your business? Whether your enterprise is big or small in size, certain things can leave your company more susceptible to break-ins and theft. Do you know what to look out for?

We’ve compiled the top 50 ways your business is vulnerable to theft:

  1. You don’t have a high-quality video security system installed at your business
  2. Your building exterior has poor outdoor lighting
  3. You don’t have an access control system installed
  4. You don’t do thorough background checks before hiring new employees
  5. Employee theft
  6. Your loading dock is un-monitored
  7. Un-monitored cash registers
  8. You keep cash in your cash registers when your business is closed
  9. You don’t have a sign-in or check-in area for visitors and delivery personnel
  10. Office computer passwords are not required to be changed every 30 days
  11. Your office computers do not have anti-virus software installed
  12. Access is not limited for shared folders and files on the network
  13. The perimeter of your building is not being monitored
  14. Your Wi-Fi network is unsecure
  15. You don’t get copies of keys back from terminated employees
  16. Visitors have access to your network hardware
  17. Your facility does not have hidden cameras installed in high-traffic areas
  18. Your warehouse is not being monitored
  19. Supply rooms are left unlocked
  20. You don’t run background checks on your cleaning service
  21. Your front or back door is frequently propped open
  22. Fraudulent claims
  23. Fraudulent returns
  24. You don’t keep important or sensitive documents in a locked area
  25. You don’t shred discarded documents
  26. Shoplifting
  27. Till skimming
  28. Embezzlement
  29. In-accurate accounting
  30. Credit card theft
  31. Bad checks
  32. You don’t perform schedule maintenance on your video security system
  33. Not having a strong firewall for your network
  34. Poor indoor lighting
  35. Unprotected or unlocked windows
  36. Unlocked or un-monitored cash offices
  37. A clear view of equipment, cash registers or other items that are enticing to thieves
  38. Liability claims
  39. Benefits fraud
  40. Your mail center is unsecured
  41. You don’t require visitors to wear badges
  42. You don’t require visitors to sign non-disclosure agreements
  43. Big ticket merchandise is placed in windows or near doors
  44. Not performing regular operating system updates on company computers and laptops
  45. Unlocked computer equipment
  46. Your company mobile phone is not password protected
  47. You don’t monitor your business for signs of identity theft
  48. You don’t limit access to company credit cards
  49. You don’t watch your monthly credit card statements
  50. You don’t require retail employees to sign in and out when working cash registers

Protecting your business and your assets from theft begins with educating yourself about the risks, and taking the necessary steps to reduce your risks, including installing a video security system.

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