The coronavirus continues to present business owners with the challenge of maintaining a virus-free workplace. Even with vaccines, mask mandates, and social distancing, they must protect their customers, patients, and staff with aggressive safety measures.

When the pandemic is long behind us, will thermal body detection scanners be a thing of the past? This blog post explores its benefits for long-term gain.

What Does a Thermal Body Detection Scanner Protect Us From — the Virus Itself?

A thermal body detection scanner offers business owners a supplemental resource to accurately take individuals’ temperatures before they enter your building/property.


Their temperatures are taken quickly and without contact – relieving an employee of their time and removing their risk of accidental exposure. By using AI technology, you can get alerted on the spot of those who have an elevated temperature and refuse them entry.

Although it won’t test for coronavirus specifically, it will alert you to elevated temperature, a common symptom found with coronavirus and the flu.

While some individuals have coronavirus but don’t show any symptoms, it will help detect those who do show symptoms on the spot, alert you to those who aren’t wearing a mask and require one to enter your business, and greatly reduce the chances of a contagious virus from entering your workplace.

Benefits of a Thermal Body Detection Scanner For Your Business

Thermal scanners arm business owners with the first line of defense against contagious diseases and provide their staff, patients, and customers with peace of mind.

Supercircuits offers several thermal body detection scanners for business owners of every industry and size. Whether you have a small office, or a large, high-traffic organization, our thermal detection solutions offer:

  • Fast detection – 0.2 seconds per individual
  • Accurate mask detection screening – alerting you to individuals who try to enter your facility that isn’t wearing a mask
  • No-contact solution – Achieves accurate temperature detection and facial recognition concurrently – minimizing liability risk
  • Advanced smart technology – including high-temperature measurement and face recognition, and with anti-spoofing detection effective against photo and video fraud
  • High picture capacity – can store up to 10,000 facial images

From single-person wrist detection to multi-person thermal body temperature detection, our thermal specialists can help you find the right solution for your needs. Contact us to learn more!