Learn how the cloud can offers car dealership owners a more robust solution by protecting inventory and surveillance footage, monitor store activity remotely, and offer scalability for the future.

A Cloud-Based Security System Catches Thieves in the Act

Is your car dealership inviting robbers or deterring them from even trying?

Car dealerships remain a constant target for theft – especially when they don’t have a video security system in place.


Even when they do, not all security systems are created equal.

While a traditional security system can do the job of recording store activity, your footage isn’t immune to getting stolen in the act.

This can leave employers vulnerable to a double whammy of stolen surveillance and inventory!

A cloud-based security system solves multiple security challenges with an easy solution.

Because it’s stored off-site and is backed up with triple redundancy in the cloud, it eliminates any chance of compromised footage.

Providing instant alerts, users get notified in real-time with criminal activity, which they can then view and download to authorities within minutes.

Cloud-Based Security Offers Scalability For the Future

As a car dealership grows and their business needs change, they must have a security system that will quickly – if not instantly – adapt to those changes.

Because on-premise systems come with a fixed storage capacity, adding more storage requires additional servers for each new location. In some cases, this may require dealership owners to upgrade to a whole new system altogether.

These unanticipated, out-of-pocket expenses can quickly eat up a businesses’ budget.

Adding additional cameras to your network in the future is simple – simply install your cloud-enabled cameras, connect to your network, and only pay for what you need. Additionally, a cloud-based system can cut security costs, especially from a multiple location perspective.  

With a cloud-based security system, everything is wrapped up into a monthly subscription: maintenance, upgrades, and off-premise storage.

A cloud-based security system entirely removes the need for on-site equipment (and the risk of vandalism or stolen footage), you can immediately put money back into your pocket.

Cloud-Based Security Solves User Limitations and Access

A traditional security solution requires you to grant each user credentials necessary to log in and view the footage from that location. This involves time and specialized software, yet another aspect of video security to manage car dealerships.

Cloud video security provides a more straightforward way to access, disable, and remain in control over multiple users with a single network.

 With a cloud-based surveillance system, the owner can individual permissions to an unlimited amount of users and locations remotely – and within minutes – only giving access to those who need it.

Easily disable employees when they quit or are let go, so your business remains secure.

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