Cloud Surveillance offers business owners the ability to reduce employee theft, fraud, and shrinkage. It also allows you to monitor and improve customer service, and instantly customize user permissions for enhanced security.

Cloud Surveillance Benefit #1: Flexible Storage

cloud surveillanceOne of the most significant limitations of on-premise systems for multi-site retail users is storage. If you run a multi-site, multi-city retail business with locations across the country, viewing and retrieving video evidence can become a chore.

A traditional system requires you to have a recorder on each site with evidence stored at that site.

For example, if you need to pull data from your Oklahoma location (and you’re in California), you’ll need to log in to that location, select that particular camera that captured that footage, view, and download the footage by the event.

With cloud surveillance, you have full control of your footage, all of which are accessed from a centralized location.

While retrieving data from a traditional system can be a tedious process – not to mention time-consuming, cloud surveillance makes finding, viewing, and downloading footage instantaneous.

Log in from a centralized interface, click on the footage by time and or event, and download your video footage within minutes. The more locations you have, the merrier! As a multi-site business owner, security is now in the palm of your hands.

Cloud Surveillance Benefit #2: Unlimited User Accessibility

Another limitation of traditional on-premise systems for multi-site businesses comes down to user accessibility. A traditional security solution requires you to grant each user credentials necessary to log in and view the footage from that location.

This involves time and specialized software, yet another aspect of video security to manage for smaller multi-site businesses. Retail employees often have a high turnover rate. This makes adding and deleting user permissions a tedious and time-consuming– along with a lot of information to keep track of.

Cloud surveillance provides a more straightforward way to grant users individual permissions and manage credentials from a centralized interface. Assign individual permissions to an unlimited amount of users and locations remotely – only giving access to those who need it, when you need it.

Cloud Surveillance Benefit #3: Hybrid Cloud Cameras for High-Risk Areas

One of the most significant benefits of cloud surveillance for multi-site applications is its powerful backup in high-risk areas. This is a particularly useful supplemental solution in regions prone to common retail risks like theft, compliance violations, and slip-and-falls.

For bars and restaurants, mitigating these risks is as simple as deploying a few cloud cameras along areas with slippery floors and high traffic. For retail stores, all it requires is placing a cloud camera facing every entrance, exit, and areas where transactions are made.

Cloud video surveillance allows you to easily add additional cameras in high-risk areas, scale your storage up or down based on need, and instantly benefit from an ultra-secure, off-premise solution where your data is always accessible.

Cloud surveillance is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business, offering 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for a perfectly scalable and streamlined solution.

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