10 Tips for Protecting Your Business from Theft

Every type of business, both small and large is susceptible to theft. We’ve compiled our top tips to help protect your business.

1. Make Sure You Have Adequate Lighting

It may seem like common sense, but installing proper lighting both indoors and out is instrumental for protecting your business from theft, accidents and other unwanted incidences. Installing lighting above theft-prone areas such as entrances, exits, warehouses, loading docks is a first line of defense for deterring theft.

Thieves and dishonest employees are much less likely to target well-lit areas.

2. Install a High Quality Video Surveillance System

A high quality video surveillance system is crucial for protecting your business from theft and dishonest employees. A video surveillance system equipped with high resolution video cameras, DVR or NVR with a security grade hard drive, and real-time alerts and remote viewing, enables you to conveniently and effectively monitor your location.

Additionally, a high quality surveillance system enables you to record activity and produce crisp detailed video that you can use as evidence if a theft or unwanted incident were to occur.

Turn-key video surveillance systems that include video security cameras, DVR or NVR, plus all of the needed accessories, provide everything you need to monitor your business. An all-in-one, high-performance analog CCTV, HD Analog or Network IP video surveillance system will help simplify implementation and provide peace-of-mind security.

3. Invest in an IP-based Access Control Solution

IP-based access control helps prevent unauthorized access and enables you to secure physical entrances, exits, gates, and interior and exterior doors at your location. You get to see and control who comes and goes at your facility and have the ability to go into lockdown mode in order to secure an area during emergency situations.

IP-based access control provides a flexible security solution with easy and convenient management and administrative maintenance. IP-based access control is also highly-scalable and enables you to easily and cost-effectively add more access control devices to more doors on your network as your business needs grow.

4. Choose the Right Security Camera for Each Location

Having the right security camera in place to monitor specific areas is also very important for protecting your business. Here are a few suggestions:

Building Interiors

Dome cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR) deliver effective surveillance capabilities for interior building spaces—from lobbies and offices, to hallways and doorways. WDR enables the security camera to produce clear images in a variety of diverse lighting conditions, such as extremely bright or backlit areas.

Building Perimeters

In order to effectively monitor building perimeters, you need a security camera that can withstand a variety of elements and weather conditions and provide reliable day/night surveillance. A rugged outdoor megapixel IP bullet camera with an IP68 weather rating and a built-in IR array can provide reliable security for outdoor locations.

Parking Lots & Garages

Monitoring parking lots and parking garages can be challenging. Multiple cameras are needed to effectively monitor these trouble spots. Long range IR bullet cameras mounted overhead will provide an overview shot of the location.

License plate recognition cameras will produce tight shots required for entry and exit access points, plus details needed to identify the license plates.

5. Install Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are a powerful solution to fight theft. Hidden cameras come in a variety of form factors that blend in well in almost every business environment—from binders and thermostats and wall clocks, to smoke detectors, sprinklers, adapters and picture frames.

Hidden spy cameras are virtually undetectable and can be your secret weapon when it comes to reducing theft.

6. Integrate Your Data with the Power of Video

A high quality Video and Data Management System with integrated software that provides seamless integration of video and POS data can be invaluable to business security. Video provides real power with visual evidence for your data to back each event and transaction.

Powerful search and filtering capabilities allow you to find, retrieve and manage video and data faster than ever. Seamless integration of video and data from third-party applications and devices from POS and access control systems, to external heating and cooling systems—can provide that extra layer of intelligence and security for your business.

7. Make Sure Your Network Is Secure

If you use a Wi-Fi network, make sure it is secure. Be sure to enable encryption on wireless routers and access points, because these devices don’t come secured by default. You’ll also want to ensure your network hardware equipment is hidden and secured from visitors at your facility.

8. Limit Access to Shared Folders

Make sure you set file and sharing permissions for shared folders on your network to prevent unwanted access by employees or guests. That way your company files and information remain secure, and you can grant access to approved individuals.

9. Shred Your Documents

Keep documents and proprietary business information out of the hands of thieves. Get a shredder or hire a shredding company to safely dispose of company documents.

10. Frequently Test Your Alarm Systems and Surveillance Equipment

It’s a good idea to frequently test your alarm system and your surveillance equipment on a regular basis to ensure it’s working optimally. Make sure all cables are securely connected and have no signs of damage. You’ll also want to check the UPS and other power supplies and UPS to confirm that all of your equipment is getting power and working properly.