Cackle and Oink BBQ owners had experienced unforeseen hardware failure and maintenance costs with their on-premise recorder. Learn why Supercircuits Cloud Video Security solution was the ideal choice – from both a technology and cost perspective. 

The Client 

Since 2005, Cackle & Oink have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most popular BBQ restaurants in the Dallas metropolitan area.

They’ve won numerous credible awards annually and continually stay at full capacity thanks to their famous brisket and family-like hospitality. 

The Challenge 

Over the last several years, Cackle & Oink owners had experienced some limitations with their on-premise system, especially as it pertained to these three challenges: 

  • Routine network maintenance. Whenever their system required a maintenance upgrade, they lost connection. This led them to seek a more advanced solution that would not be affected every time they had to change their router or switch to a new IP address.
  • Credential management. Managing user permissions among high turnover was one of their most significant challenges. The owners needed a way to grant permissions to newly-promoted shift managers quickly and disable permissions when an employee quit or was let go.
  • Increased safety and liability concerns over uncovered areas. Like any busy restaurant environment, there were high-risk areas of the store that wasn’t covered with their on-premise system and posed a high liability risk. Specifically, they were concerned about the slippery floors near the drink station and the back parking lot where several vandalism acts had occurred.  

The Solution 

After considering several providers’ options, they chose Supercircuits Cloud Video solution because of its simple and scalable platform.

They installed nine 6.0 Megapixel cloud-enabled cameras to the front and back entrance and exits, parking lot, above the cash registers, and the kitchen where accidents and theft were most likely to occur.

Since their cameras included starlight technology, the owners now benefit from bright surveillance technology – even when activity occurs in total darkness. 

The Outcome 

Since the camera-to-cloud install, they no longer have to worry about losing connection every time their system goes through a maintenance upgrade.

As part of their cloud service, any upgrades or maintenance is automatically handled for them, eliminating the labor costs they used to pay to security professional.

Cloud Video Security also allows them to benefit from a simplified credential management system, allowing the owners to add or delete user permission remotely.

If an accident like a slip-and-fall or employee theft occurs, their cloud-to-cameras ensure they’re fully covered with 24/7 off-premise video footage.

If they expand to more locations in the future, they can add additional cameras and users with the click of their mouse.