Whether you need to minimize shrinkage, oversee employee productivity, or help mitigate the risk of theft, a cloud security system can offer a multi-tiered benefit for the employer, staff, and customers. Whether you operate a single or multi-location business, learn how relying on the cloud can provide a simple approach to the complexities of retail security.  

Cloud Security Benefit #1: Mitigating the Risk of Theft 

From shoplifting to break-ins, successful retail management involves deploying security measures to mitigate the risk of theft.

Many retail managers rely on an on-premise recorder to provide around-the-clock surveillance. However, a break-in can also result in the tampering with or destruction of video evidence.


Unexpected fees such as paying for a new recorder, labor fees to install or replace the new recorder, and the indirect cost of a lapse in the footage while waiting for a replacement, their security system can put them in an expensive and vulnerable position.  

With Cloud security, there’s no recorders or hard drives to manage – and no out-of-pocket expenses to worry about when you server fails.

Cloud security automatically streams video footage to a secure, off-site data center where it’s stored until you need it. Protect theft footage, downloading your data to send to authorities from your PC or mobile device within minutes.

Cloud Security Benefit #2: Secure, Off-Premise Storage 

Your footage is only as good as your ability to retrieve it.

Many theft occurrences result in the damage of or tapering with an on-premise recorder, which puts retail managers in a vulnerable and costly position.

A Cloud security system directly streams and stores your video footage in a tier-4 data center (the same security level that major banks use to store your personal information).

When you add a cloud camera to your network, your data is encrypted to ensure your video is securely transferred to the data center. Malicious attacks can happen anywhere. If someone tries to get in and access your video, an encrypted file system provides an added layer of security, so your footage isn’t tampered with.  

Cloud Security Benefit #3: 24/7 Remote Access 

With cloud security, it’s never been easier to stay connected.

Unlike a traditional system that requires the user to manually log into each location separately, Cloud security simplifies this process with one account.

Retail managers can access unlimited locations and cameras from a centralized interface – remotely viewing live or playback footage from anywhere they can access the internet.

Whether you want to monitor employee behavior and productivity, view theft footage, or slip-and-fall accidents, a Cloud security system ensures you always stay connected. 

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