For business owners in the cannabis space, compliance is a significant part of securing their business. Cannabis growers face multiple security challenges. Yet, knowing what’s required and choosing a security system best suited to meet their needs ( among evolving state laws) can be tricky to navigate.

This blog dives into the four significant challenges growers face and how Cloud VS can offer a more secure, scalable solution to ensure they remain compliant for the future.

Security Challenges Are Prevalent, But Which Security System is Best?

In the United States alone, the cannabis industry is expected to hit over $62 billion. But among that growth comes many security threats that cannabis growers must face. These include:

  • Meeting government regulations
  • Protecting crops
  • Preventing theft
  • Monitoring employee activity

State law requires growers to have a security system in place, which includes recording 24/7 and storing video footage up to 45 days, and in some states, video footage of the security system itself!

So, shouldn’t an on-site security system should do the trick? Not necessarily.

Local and state compliance regulations (including retention, camera count, and even where cameras are placed) are frequently changing, with new bills being passed all the time.

Just one break-in can result in a damaged recorder and stolen video footage – which a grower can never get back. If audited, this one event can lead to steep fines, jail time, or even their business being shut down.

Cloud Video Surveillance to Meet Government Regulations 

Cannabis growers must meet some of the strictest government video security regulations in the industry. They must account for a specific camera count, resolution, and placement of cameras. Additionally, they must provide an off-site storage solution to retain footage for up to 45 days – or for some states, even longer.

Protecting Crops and Preventing Theft 

Criminals used to grow their crops in remote areas, but now they target legitimate cannabis businesses to rob them of their products and profits.

As theft continues to be one of the most significant security risks for growers, state law requires them to have a surveillance system that offers 24/7 coverage of their crops, on-site equipment, and intruder activity.

Many states require video quality of at least 1280 X 720 pixels, and functional, unobstructed cameras are universally needed in any areas where cannabis is handled.

Additionally, they must provide adequate monitoring and storage of video surveillance recordings.

Monitoring Employee Activity 

One of the biggest security challenges for cannabis growers is the prevalence of employee theft.

State law mandates require growers to install cameras with the correct resolution, placement, and capabilities to capture employee activity 24/7 as they handle, package, and prepare cannabis for distribution.

Additionally, the grower must account for their entire inventory at any given time. Just one ounce of cannabis that goes missing an employee stealing can lead to a severe violation for the grower.  

Cloud Video Security Removes the Complexity of Cannabis Compliance

Cloud Video Security provides cannabis growers with key capabilities to provide them with a simplistic and flexible approach to meet their video security requirements:

  • 24/7 footage– is simple with Cloud Video Security. It’s designed to eliminate risks typically found with an on-premise recorder, such as faulty hardware and tampered data caused by theft – securing data integrity with an ultra-secure, off-premise solution. Cloud-based security offers end-to-end encryption, automatic maintenance, and zero equipment to manage. With Cloud, everything is automatically taken care of for you.
  • Remote access –– allowing you to log in to single or multi-site locations and access live or recorded footage from anywhere you have internet access. With Cloud Video Security, easily monitor employee activity, oversee crop security, employee integrity and theft, and intrusion activity.  Receive instant alerts in real-time, remote access into your system, and view live or playback footage that allows you to monitor inventory, employee activity theft as it occurs.
  • Off-premise storage – An on-premise system runs the risk of faulty hard drives or stolen footage during a break-in. This downtime puts businesses in a vulnerable position – potentially leading to a violation if audited. Cannabis businesses require a security system that offers enough flexibility to back up their data should the unexpected occur – and which provides a cost-effective approach to meet all compliance demands.
  • Multi-site management – Cloud can be an ideal option for business owners who need a security system added to multiple locations but want it accessible and controllable through one login and account. Cloud efficiently manages all locations from a centralized interface – reducing the cost and burden of an IT team from installing recorders for each location while also enhancing the simplicity of a single interface no matter how many sites they may have. Multiple locations can easily be managed with one easy solution.
  • Scalable features –Cannabis business owners must meet strict retention laws, which depending on each state, ranging from 45 days to two years. With Cloud, you’ll achieve total flexibility and scalability to meet these demands by increasing or decreasing storage on-demand as state stipulations change. Want additional cameras added to your dispensary or need to add or disable users from your network? It’s as simple as the click of a mouse.

In the Cannabis industry, where running a healthy business is dependent on staying compliant, Supercircuits Cloud Video solution makes it simple, scalable, and affordable. We offer direct camera-to-cloud video storage to help you comply with the most stringent regulations and deliver an easy expansion of camera count and storage.

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