Whether you own a franchise or a two-location local business, learn four ways cloud security is ideally suited to meet multi-site demands – offering both a streamlined and cost-effective solution for the long-term.  

Cloud Security Benefit #1: Direct Camera to Cloud Video Capture and Storage

Many multi-site businesses are vulnerable to their footage being stolen or tampered with during the event of a burglary.


To meet both compliance requirements and protect themselves from liability claims, they must defend their video footage from many risks such as theft, hardware failure, and malfunction.

Cloud security removes this risk through immediate streaming and off-premise storage with triple redundancy.

Once the video footage is recorded to the cloud, it is available via smartphone or desktop, anywhere, and anytime – for as long as it’s needed.

Cloud Security Benefit #2: 24/7 Surveillance and Powerful Real-Time Alerts

With Cloud security, you can set up analytics customized for your business, like line crossing or intrusion alerts. This enables users to be notified when unauthorized activity occurs at their facility.

Within minutes, you can download video evidence and send it to authorities.

Additionally, you can schedule these alerts by daypart, so they are only turned on when no one is at the property, reducing false alarms’ potential. 

Cloud Security Benefit #3: Scalable Features For a Growing Business 

Cloud VS provides a truly scalable security system that can adapt to changing security needs over time.

Whether your business grows to multiple locations or you need additional protection for critical, key areas, a Cloud security solution makes it simple to add more cameras and increase or decrease storage on demand.  

Cloud Security Benefit #4: Cost-Effective Surveillance

One of the most significant differentiator factors between cloud security and an on-premise system is its cost-effectiveness over time.

Unlike a traditional system that may require an IT professional’s replacement hardware and labor costs every time your system needs maintenance or an update, Cloud Security allows you to manage everything remotely.

Between regularly scheduled upgrades handled for you in the cloud automatically and eliminating the risk of any hardware and on-premise equipment,  this allows you to immediately put money back into your business where it counts. 

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