Security Solutions to Arm Your Business for 2015

No business is immune from theft or damage. As a business owner, regardless of the type or size of your company, being proactive and taking a look at your current security system may be one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

Having the right security cameras and surveillance system can help protect inventory, property and profits from theft and dishonest employees.

Your business security needs may change from year to year, and it’s important that your video surveillance system meets those needs.

Camera and Video Resolution

Camera and video resolution quality is dependent upon your business’ needs. Do your cameras provide the resolution and level of detail you need to see?

The resolution of a surveillance camera’s image is measured by the number of pixels. The higher the number, the more detail in the image. Higher-resolution images give you the ability to zoom in and see fine detail. This is important for license plate identification or providing facial recognition of the people coming in and out of your place of business.

 If you aren’t happy with the quality of images your camera system is currently producing and want more detailed zoomed images, consider upgrading to higher resolution cameras, such as 1.3 megapixel, 3.0 or even 5.0 megapixel cameras.

Cameras and Placement

When reviewing your current security system, it is important to take a look at the number of security cameras you have. Do you need more cameras to monitor your business? Are there additional areas within your business that need monitoring?

Have you installed cameras near high-traffic entrances and exits?  If so, those cameras should be positioned properly to ensure that there is no way to pass into the building, or exit the building, without being captured on video.

 Do you have security cameras with a clear view of theft-prone areas, including your cash registers, warehouses, and loading docks? If not, it may be time to purchase more cameras to cover those locations.

What about the exterior of your building? Installing a few outdoor security cameras to monitor your building perimeter and parking lots can help deter vandalism, theft, and property damage. Installing cameras with wide-angle lenses will enable you to cover a larger area and capture as much activity as possible.

Varifocal Lenses

Do your security cameras have varifocal lenses?

Varifocal lenses offer the most flexibility in camera lens technology. With a typical fixed-lens camera, the image won’t contain much detail past 20 or 30 feet. With a varifocal lens, the image can be adjusted to bracket the specific area of concern, such as a doorway or cash register. This can be done even if the camera is located across a large room or at a distance, making the recorded video much better.

Also, unlike its fixed-lens equivalent, a varifocal lens camera allows you to zoom in or out to adjust the view you want. This is especially helpful when your mounting location doesn’t give you a good view of the area of interest.

Protecting Your Security Camera

Protecting your security equipment from harsh weather conditions is also critical. A weather-rated camera enclosure can provide protection from the elements and undesirable weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

For protection in both hot and cold climates, it’s important to choose security cameras that offer extreme temperature operating ranges, for better all-weather protection.

During the winter, cameras with efficient thermal design that includes built-in heaters may be necessary. The heater helps to protect the camera’s electrical components and keep it operational in freezing temperatures.

When summer comes around, blowers or fans built into camera housing are the most effective solutions for dispersing heat away from the camera. Additionally, sunshields can be attached to the camera’s enclosure to protect the camera from heat and sun damage.

It’s important to protect your investment and assess your video security system every year, to ensure that all of your security needs for your business are covered.

Start 2015 off right by arming your business with security solutions from Supercircuits that will help reduce theft and protect your bottom line.