Restaurant and bar owners are plagued with liability threats, resulting from bar fights, slippery surfaces resulting in slip-and-falls and faulty equipment, and overserving. From employee theft to customer incidents, a Cloud security solution can ensure you have access to the right video footage at the right time.

Redundant Coverage of “Hot Areas”


Video coverage of the POS, bar area, and even potential slip areas (like in front of soda machines) is vitally important to ensure you have video evidence when you need it.

If you have an on-premise system covering those areas, protect yourself against video loss with a cloud camera that streams off-premise directly to the Cloud.

If your recorder fails or gets stolen or intentionally damaged, Cloud Surveillance allows you to have a secure copy available off-site in the T4 data center with triple-redundant backup.

Multi-User Management

Most restaurants and bars have multiple managers and run shifts that may require you to have multiple people with access to the security system. Setting up multiple users is super easy with the Cloud solution.

This makes it easy to assign and remove permissions as employees change, updating profiles in minutes with the easy to use interface.

This way, all permissible users can respond to security needs in real-time, receive security alerts, and respond remotely from wherever they are.

Multi-Site Management

If you have a multi-unit franchise or a local company with several locations, setting up and managing your security solution is simple with the Cloud. Every camera is accessible through one account to give you the maximum flexibility in viewing your locations.

Want to see all manager’s offices in one ‘zone’? It’s simple to set up.

Want to view your cameras by location instead? Changing your views and setup is flexible and easy with the Cloud.

Now you can view multiple sites at one time on your computer or mobile app with ease.

Triple Redundant Storage for Liability

Restaurant/bar owners are faced with liability risks that can range from equipment failure, on-site fights caused by disgruntled or drunk customers, to slip-and-falls.

Cloud surveillance makes managing and preventing liability pitfalls easy by storing video footage in an off-site T4 data center offering triple-redundancy.

By taking your system to the Cloud, you can regain control of your footage and protect yourself against liability threats and lawsuits with storage that allows you access as long as you need it.

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