From reducing the risk of lawsuits to proving fault during a break-in, a video security system offers countless benefits for any business owner.  For those who own a multi-site franchise business, it becomes essential to have a secure platform that can handle larger camera counts, multiple user permissions, and 24/7 remote access.

Cloud Video Surveillance is ideally suited to meet all of these demands – conveniently and cost-effectively managed from one account.

Cloud Security Benefit #1: Centralized Management

Unlike a traditional system that requires you to log into each individual location to access video footage, Cloud Video Surveillance allows you to manage multiple sites and multiple users from one account and dashboard.

As your franchise business continues to grow, the simplicity of one account makes viewing, deploying, and supporting your security needs quick and convenient. Easily add and remove camera access, set up alerts and notifications, and view/download recorded footage.

Cloud Benefit #2: Multi-User Management

Cloud suits a variety of industries and verticals – but it’s especially ideal of your franchise business serves video streaming as part of your service offering – such as daycares or nursing homes.

Unlike on-premise systems that have bandwidth limitations and are restricted to how many users can access their system at one time, Cloud Surveillance allows for unlimited, concurrent streaming at any time.  

Assign each person a unique login and password and define their permissions by location, time, and zone – without taking any more than a few minutes each.

When they leave your facility, disable their permissions with the click of a button.

Cloud Benefit #3: Remote Viewing

For a secure business, 24/7 -multi-location management has never been simpler – or more convenient.

Monitor your business, office, or facility via your computer or smart devices – from anywhere you have Internet access.

The Cloud’s intuitive desktop and mobile applications allow you to view live and recorded video, schedule recordings, download and export video evidence within seconds.

Monitor your franchise business via your computer or smart devices, from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Benefit #4: Secure, Off-Premise Storage

One of the biggest benefits of cloud video is the extra layer of protection it brings to critical key areas.

As an alternative to revamping your entire network, just add a few cameras where slip-and-falls are likely, or valuables and cash are kept – like every cash register and management office.

Unlike a traditional system that stores their data on-location, video footage from the Cloud is streamed directly to an off-premise T4 data center featuring triple redundancy – removing the risk of your video evidence being stolen, tampered with, or lost and ensuring data integrity.

Choose from 7 days to one year of storage – and increase or decrease your need as your business grows.

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