The demand has never been greater for organizations to invest in cloud surveillance – and that’s especially true for businesses that require higher camera counts or operate in a multi-site environment. Learn the 3 advantages cloud video surveillance provides businesses – from a security, operational, and scalability perspective.  

Off-Premise Storage for Critical Key Areas

If you worry about losing critical video footage from a traditional solution, cloud video surveillance can provide an extra layer of protection to your most critical areas.


Video footage is streamed directly from the camera to an ultra-secure, T4 data center – backed up with triple redundancy. With cloud surveillance, you have full control of your footage, all of which are accessed from a centralized location.

Multi-Site Management- A Simplier Approach

One of the biggest challenges of traditional on-premise systems is user accessibility. A traditional security solution requires you to grant each user credentials necessary to log in and view the footage from that location.

This involves time and specialized software, yet another aspect of video security to manage for smaller multi-site businesses.

Cloud video surveillance allows you to easily manage an unlimited number of locations and cameras through a simple to use, centralized interface that can be customized based on their preference to view by regional, state, city, address, building or room.

Assign individual permissions to an unlimited amount of users and locations remotely – only giving access to those who need it, when you need it. 

Multi-User Management

Whether you run a daycare center where parents require access to view live footage of their children, or your run a retail store and need to manage individual user permissions from store to store, Cloud VS offers unlimited users access to your system.

Simply log in, assign each person a unique login and password and define their permissions by location, time, and zone – without taking any more than a few minutes each. 

When they leave your facility, disable their permissions with the click of a button.

The Cloud makes creating and managing new users simple. You can have an unlimited number of users per account and manage user permissions based on date, time, location, and zone.

This is ideal for anyone who wants to provide video viewing as part of their service offerings – like daycares and nursing homes.

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