As coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country, manual temperature screening, mask mandates, and social distancing aren’t enough. Thermal body temperature screening has become a popular, supplemental safety solution for small and large businesses everywhere. Here’s what you need to know to do it right.

Myth: Thermal Body Temperature Screening Alerts You to Individuals With Coronavirus

Thermal body temperature screening is a safety practice that can be found in virtually all industries, from airports to bars and restaurants to small offices. It doesn’t detect the coronavirus itself, but a common coronavirus symptom – elevated temperature.


Fact: It Detects Elevated Temperature, Not the Virus

Thermal body temperature screening offers an immediate temperature read as individuals enter your building.

It alerts you to those with an elevated temperature – not the virus itself – on the spot, and along with an access control system, will prevent them from entering your business – protecting others from potential virus exposure.

Additionally, AI technology can provide an alarm notifying you of individuals not wearing a mask.

Multi-person body temperature screening, which can allow you to screen a group of people at once, is beneficial and instrumental as a best practice safety measure for high-traffic organizations, such as hospitals, entertainment venues, busy offices, and airports.

Solution: Thermal Body Temperature Screening is the First Line of Defense For Your Business

Supercircuits offers several body temperature screening solutions, designed to support businesses of all sizes and industries.

All of our solutions have been designed to support public safety, enhance the peace of mind of employers, staff, and customers, and act as the first line of defense for business owners.

Features include:

  • Instant temperature reading – 0.2 seconds per individual
  • Non-contact screening, with or without a mask
  • Optimized AI algorithm. Reads the temperatures of individuals who have a mask on or not. It offers real-time temperature detection and screen display and produces a voice alarm when a high temperature is detected. Advanced analytics can also indicate when an individual is wearing a mask and sets off a voice alarm to those who aren’t wearing one.
  • Alarm Face Capture. When an abnormal temperature is detected, an alarm notifies the user of the potentially infected individual on the spot, so they can then be pulled aside for further evaluation or refused entry.
  • Multi-Targeted Face Recognition. It provides ultra-fast screening of two seconds per individual while reducing false alarms caused by other objects. Its advanced algorithm model provides a face recognition accuracy rate of greater than 99 percent.

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