Multi-site franchise owners are looking to cloud surveillance to provide a higher security level to protect their organization. From data integrity and user management to theft and on-site accidents, learn four reasons why Cloud Video Surveillance is the ideal platform to support the security and safety of your multi-site franchise business.   

Data Integrity Factors: Know Your Threats 

According to a recent report published by Accenture, 95 percent of business leaders use cloud services for their organization.

While an on-premise system gives them the basics of what they need – such as 24/7 monitoring and smart analytics to inform users of real-time activity – it fails to provide a scalable offering protecting them from on-premise threats like theft, break-ins, and on-site accidents.

From both a liability and compliance perspective, data integrity is a major driving force for owners that need to protect their business from:

  • Human error
  • Break-ins/theft
  • Inventory loss/shrinkage
  • On-premise accidents resulting in an employee or customer error
  • Uninterrupted activity (required for compliance purposes)  

Cloud Video Surveillance offers an off-premise, scalable solution no matter how small or large your multi-site franchise may be.

It’s the perfect solution for building out an ultra-secure business that requires large camera counts for multiple locations while ensuring your data remains untouchable.

Cloud Video Benefit #1: Centralized Management

It doesn’t matter whether you have five locations with fifty employees or 50 locations with hundreds of users needing access to your system.

Cloud Video Surveillance allows you to manage unlimited users, cameras, and locations from one dashboard.

Add and remove camera access from the integrated console, set up alerts and notifications, and view/download recorded footage.

As your franchise business continues to grow, the simplicity of one account makes viewing, deploying, and supporting your security needs quick and convenient. 

Cloud Video Benefit #2: Remote Viewing (At Any Time and From Anywhere.) 

Keep tabs on every location, even when you can’t be there.

The Cloud’s intuitive desktop and mobile applications allow you to view live and recorded video, schedule recordings, download and export video evidence within seconds.

Monitor your franchise business via your computer or smart devices, from anywhere you have Internet access.

Cloud Video Benefit #3: Multi-User Management For Ultimate Scalability 

With an unlimited number of users per account, easily grant individual permissions based on date, time, location, and zone.

Cloud also provides concurrent streaming – making it ideal for anyone who wants to provide video viewing as part of their service offerings – like daycares and nursing homes.

Cloud Benefit #4: Secure, Off-Premise Storage (for extra protection in critical areas.)

If your biggest concern as a franchise owner isn’t data integrity, it should be.

Depending on an on-site recorder to store all your data puts you in a vulnerable state – just one episode of theft or vandalism at any location – or to complicate matters, multiple locations – and your video footage is gone forever.

Cloud Video Security eliminates the risk of data loss or interruption by streaming everything to an off-premise T4 data center – with the same level of security that major bank institutions use to store your financial information.

Your footage is backed with triple redundancy – virtually removing the risk of your video evidence being stolen, tampered with, or lost.

Its advanced analytics allows you to create zones and adjust camera sensitivity where slip-and-falls, break-ins, or theft are likely to occur, so that has it happens, you’re notified in real-time.

Cloud video surveillance provides a streamlined, scalable security system to healthcare organizations. Interested in learning more about how it can benefit yours? Call us today!