Private and public schools are working hard to re-open in the midst of the current pandemic. Allowing students and staff back to campus puts everyone at risk with the potential introduction and expedites the spread of the coronavirus if the right security measures aren’t taken.

Learn how thermal screening can provide the first line of defense against coronavirus from entering your school, and keeping your faculty and students safe.

Protect Your Students and Faculty with Mask Detection

While schools are preparing for social distancing and requiring masks, they also need to consider additional security measures that can help identify persons that may have the virus and the risk they pose in spreading the virus.


Our thermal body temperature and mask detection unit is a powerful, contactless unit that is ideal for school entrances or remote buildings to check persons temperatures and to verify compliance with mask requirements before they enter the facility.

Each unit easily processes 20-30 people per minute, creating a fast, effective way to screen students, faculty, and staff each day.

Thermal devices feature:

  • Instant temperature readings
  • Face mask detection
  • Abnormal temperature alarms
  • Contactless readings

Thermal Detection for Schools – Your First Line of Defense

By setting up a thermal body temperature detection area, in which students and faculty must pass through to enter the main school building,  school administration can measure body temperatures and get instant alerts if anyone trying to enter that may be running a fever.

At that point, they can immediately pull them aside for further evaluation or refuse access altogether. Here are key considerations when putting a body temperature detection solution in place for your business:

People Resource Requirements. Relying on staff and hand-held thermometers to read body temperatures has its drawbacks, including a dedicated team to scan temperatures.

This means additional staffing and additional costs during a time of reduced occupancy and revenue.

Quick, Accurate detection for high-traffic areas. High-traffic environments like busy, crowded school entryways require fast detection.  

Thermal body temperature detection solutions can screen at a rapid 0.2 seconds per individual – and some even allow you to scan up to 15 people at a time.

Recognition accuracy is up to 90 percent for individuals wearing a mask, and 99 percent for those not wearing a mask.

No-contact solution. Thermal body temperature solutions help you mitigate the risk of accidental virus exposure between employees and high-risk individuals they’re screening.

With hand-held temperature devices, you are asking faculty and students to get closer than 6 feet to read temperatures, fundamentally increasing a chance for exposure.

Thermal body temperature detection provides additional peace of mind to everyone entering the building, knowing that while they’re at school, their safety and well-being won’t be compromised in the process.

Supercircuits offers several thermal detection solutions, ideally suited to meet a school district’s safety demands and challenges. To learn more, contact a dedicated thermal detection specialist at (877) 697-5632.