For local thieves in the area, Outwest Drywall’s business was an ideal target. Learn how the OD owners transformed the safety and security of their business with a high-resolution video security system.

Outwest Drywall Supply is a multi-location business serving Colorado and Utah residents and business owners. From drywall to metal framing, Outwest provides quality materials at a competitive price.

The Risk of Stolen Inventory and Property Damage

For Outwest Supply, implementing a video security system was never top of mind.

Caden, Store Manager for their Eagle, Colorado location, said:

“It wasn’t until one of our top competitors got broken into that we started to consider it seriously.”

That break-in cost their competitor over $10,000 in stolen equipment and inventory.


“We knew we needed something that would cover all areas of our property and a way for the store managers to be alerted to intrusion activity – whether they were at home or on-site.”

In addition to a solution that would meet their security demands, they needed one to meet their budget.  

Video Security – 24/7 Monitoring, Analytics, and Alerts

After considering several providers’ options, they chose Supercircuits due to their cost-effective video security camera solution. They had 11 IllumiNite turret cameras and 19 Starlight dome cameras installed in every vital area of their property, including all entry points, warehouse, and back lot where their equipment is kept.

The Outcome – A Safer and More Secure Multi-Site Business

Their most profitable location is now fully protected with 24/7 video surveillance.

If a trespasser tries to steal their equipment, their Alibi Security cameras provide management with high definition color images of intrusion activity – even if it occurs in the middle of the night. 

With one location complete, they’ve made plans to add camera systems to their other sites – ensuring every property and all store assets may remain secure for the future. 

Supercircuits offers a diverse selection of the most powerful and cost-effective video security solutions on the market.  Our cameras feature built-in analytics, a free mobile app, and adaptability – add more cameras to your network as your business grows.

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