Without a process in place to reduce the chance of coronavirus coming into your building, your business – and those in it, aren’t safe from virus exposure.

By incorporating a body temperature device in addition to social distancing, mask mandates, and occupancy limitations, you can more securely protect your employees and customers against the reintroduction of coronavirus, and other contagious viruses from entering your business.  

Can Body Temperature Scanners Detect Coronavirus?

In the midst of a pandemic, when lockdowns, quarantines, and state-mandates are preventing businesses from operating as ‘normal’, it’s never been more important to implement an additional security measure that can protect your employees and customers.


Although a body temperature detection unit does not detect coronavirus, it can alert you to one of its most common symptoms – abnormal high body temperatures.

The good news is, it’s never been easier to implement.

Set up a thermal detection unit at your store’s entrance, and when an individual walks through with a high temperature, you’ll be alerted on the spot.

Once the alarm goes off, refuse them entry to reduce possible exposure, or have them step aside for further evaluation before permitting them to enter.

My Customers Are Required to Wear a Mask – Won’t That ‘Mask’ Detection?

Not all thermal detection units are created equal – some units have built-in AI technology that can detect high temperatures, even with the presence of a mask.

Supercircuits has several solutions that offer advanced thermal detection technology. Each one allowss you to screen individuals with a mask or without, with a measurement range of 86-113 degrees Fahrenheit and 99 percent accuracy.

I Operate a High Volume Business — Won’t a Thermal Detection Unit Interfere with Traffic Flow?

Supercircuits offers two solutions that include a single-person wrist detection unit, and a multi-person thermal detection and alerting screening system.

Both units are designed for rapid screening at 0.2 seconds per person.

Our multi-person unit is especially ideal for high traffic areas, including airports, hospitals, schools, convention centers, sports arenas, and entertainment venues.

Businesses that need to ensure their daily oprations aren’t compromised can enjoy added benefits of the multi-person unit, which include:

  • Temperature detection without contact for 10-15 people at a time
  • Easy setup and calibration
  • Very accurate temperature measurement in real-time
  • Automatic alarm and photo-taking after detecting the fever of target individuals
  • A self-contained system complies with HIPAA guidelines in medical environments
  • Clear image capturing for busy background environments  – Longer distance, large scenes can also be accurately and quickly screened
  • Built-in alarm trigger – Supports automatic capture when an alarm is triggered to provide evidence after the event

A thermal detection unit provides a no-contact, streamlined process to detect and minimize exposure to contagious illness from coming into your business.  Interested in finding out more?

Contact a Supercircuits thermal solution specialist today!