Learn how Supercircuits provided one high school with a single video surveillance solution to solve multiple high-risk security challenges.

The Client                                                           

Kalamazoo Covenant Academy (KCA) provides at-risk youth ages 16-22 with educational instruction, support services, and community partnerships so they may complete their high school education and earn their GED.

KCA had several specific security challenges they need to overcome to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors. These included:   

Challenge #1: Undocumented Criminal Activity

KCA’s administration expected every student to adhere to a strict moral and behavioral code of conduct.

Without a surveillance system to capture criminal behavior, which included vandalism to school property and drug use, the administration was unable to prove fault to put obedience measures in place and adequately protect the faculty, students, and campus.   

Challenge #2: Altercations in Hidden Areas

Student fights periodically broke out, mainly in the back of the buildings and the hallways, which were unmonitored by school personnel or located in lower-traffic areas.

The inability to properly manage and protect the students’ safety led to parent complaints, and eventually, the Board of Directors passing a new security initiative, which included a campus-wide video surveillance system.  

The Solution

Kalamazoo worked with Presidential Safe & Security to find the right solution for their campus, ultimately choosing Supercircuits IP camera solution.

Several of its main selling points included ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness, and high-performing multi-megapixel cameras.

Twenty-one 6 megapixel dome cameras were added to every entry point, hallways, and administration office.

One additional 6-megapixel bullet camera was added to the building exterior to monitor incoming traffic to the main entrance.

The Outcome

KCA now benefits from a fully protected school.

When a student fight breaks out in the hallway or school property is tampered with, intrusion detection technology immediately notifies users of the activity in real-time to their smartphone – allowing them to create a screenshot and download the clip within minutes.

With their Supercircuits camera solution in place, Kalamazoo Academy now has ultimate peace of mind that their students and faculty are provided with a secure, safe learning environment.

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