Cybersecurity threats remain a growing concern for business owners. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, 88% of small business owners said they have experienced cybersecurity breaches to their business and were unsure of their ability to safeguard themselves from security risks in the future.

In this blog post, we’ll examine three advantages of cloud surveillance compared to on-premise video security systems, and how it can allow you to mitigate your security challenges head-on.

Cloud Video Security Provides Greater Cybersecurity Protection 

With a traditional system, enabling remote access can be done by using a VPN but comes with its own set of challenges and limitations.

For example, every time you open a port, your network may become vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, such as unwanted user access and malware infection.

Additionally, VPNs can be slow to connect, hard to deploy, and may not meet the compliance requirements of certain industries.

Cloud makes it easier than ever to stay secure.

Unlike on-premise systems that are vulnerable to cybersecurity risks caused by open ports, the Supercircuits app creates a temporary open port for remote access.

There’s no need to worry about manually disabling it – we’ll automatically do it for you as soon as you close out of the app.

Because your data is sent directly to our tier-4 data center, there are no firewalls to deal with, ports to open, or cybersecurity vulnerabilities to worry about.

At both the camera and the server level, your network is protected with automatically generated updates to ensure your system remains protected and secure.

Cloud Video Security Reduces Ongoing Costs & Hidden Fees 

Traditional security systems require ongoing upkeep. For many business owners, the ongoing maintenance combined with unexpected hidden fees quickly becomes a burden, from both a cost and resource perspective.

For example, If your hard drive unexpectedly goes out, you’ll have to outsource the diagnosis and repair to a specialist.

If a specialist can’t come out to your office right away, and your system is down for hours or days, this could lead to a costly liability issue if someone slips and falls, and you’re unable to disprove their claim.

It also leaves you open to a compliance violation.

Specific industries like the cannabis industry require you to provide continuous recording or risk being fined.   

A cloud video surveillance solution removes this entire risk without any hidden costs.

Unlike the challenges that come with on-premise systems, your video data streams directly to the cloud and is stored in our ultra-secure tier-4 off-site data center, featuring triple redundancy.

Whether data back-up is required by law for your application, or solely for risk-mitigation, Supercircuits offers business owners a cloud-based security solution – dramatically reducing your resources and cost needed to have a secure back-up of your video evidence.

Cloud Video Surveillance Provides On-Demand Scalability 

From a scalability perspective, an on-premise system becomes more costly than ever to manage over time.

Even though it provided an appropriate level of security at the time of purchase, you’ll eventually require more storage, data redundancy, and remote accessibility than it can offer.

If your business grows from a single location to multi-site or from a brick-and-mortar to a franchise, you’ll need to deploy additional cameras and recorders to handle the security needs required for each location.

For most business owners, scaling up is inevitable – but with an on-premise system, it will also be costly.

Cloud video surveillance eliminates virtually all of these costs, providing a convenient way to stay secure with ‘on-demand scalability.’

Because your data is stored off-site, adding more cameras to additional locations is simple.

There aren’t any recorders or servers to add as you’d find with a traditional system. All you have to do is add more cameras, so you’re only paying for what you need.

View up to 25 cameras at a time from a centralized interface, and scale up with unlimited users and storage. It’s never been easier or more affordable to have a fully scalable, security system in place.

About Cloud Video Surveillance

Video cloud surveillance is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business. Interested in learning more about how it can benefit your business? Call us today!