This blog post demonstrates how a hybrid cloud model will improve the flexibility, agility, and reliability of your on-premise system for a more secure outcome.

Hybrid Cloud Surveillance Benefit #1: Agility

cloud video surveillance

Cloud security systems consist of surveillance system cameras that stream network video directly to the cloud with the major advantage of being able to remotely view footage from any device. 

The need to adapt and change direction quickly is a core principle of business. Traditional security systems may seem like an affordable option at first glance, but over time causes limitations.

Because on-premise systems come with fixed storage capacity, adding more storage requires additional servers for each new location. In some cases, you may need to upgrade to a whole new system altogether. This can lead to a costly and resource-heavy endeavor.

A hybrid cloud solution allows you to add more cameras on-demand, and only pay for what you need.  Adding a few cloud cameras to high-risk areas protects you from a liability and compliance perspective – and ensures your most valuable footage remains off-site, eliminating the risk it could ever be tampered with or stolen. 

Cloud Surveillance Benefit #2: Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Purchasing a traditional security system requires you to decide upfront the number of cameras, camera resolution, and storage needed to support your video surveillance. 

Over time, your needs will change, potentially requiring you to add recorders, hard drives, and/or servers to your on-premise solution. This will result in the high cost and complexity of managing your surveillance solution.

Cloud cameras contribute to a lower overall cost of ownership, as cloud cameras are maintained remotely and automatically – no additional hardware and associated fees required.   If you have a traditional system, there’s no need to overhaul your existing system and replace each one with cloud cameras.

Simply add one, two, or five cloud cameras to each entrance, point or sale, or high-risk area. As your business grows, so can your cloud camera count – making the hybrid cloud model an affordable and ultra-simple strategy for securing your business. 

Cloud Benefit #3: Off-Premise Storage

Another significant cost associated with any security system is maintaining redundancy of your data evidence.  Back up of your evidence is important to have in the case of catastrophic or power outage failures, and to prevent data loss.

Without proper precautions, data loss may cause compliance violations, liability vulnerabilities, and/or security threats.

Unlike many traditional on-premise solutions (which don’t offer redundancy capabilities), Supercircuit’s cloud surveillance offers data redundancy as a standard feature and is included in your subscription.

Secured in our tier-4 off-site data center, your video surveillance is backed up with triple redundancy – ensuring your data is never lost. Deploying as few or as many cloud cameras as you need has never been easier. Achieve greater reliability, flexibility, and secure storage with cloud surveillance – right when you need it most.

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