When You Are Away the Pets Will Play

Any pet owner knows that when you leave your animals home alone, they tend to find ways to entertain themselves. All too often the only thing you have to come back to is a destroyed home and questions as to how these animals managed to do so much damage in the short time you were away. These videos show a few home owners who were able to answer these questions with home IP Camera surveillance footage of their misbehaving animals.

Tony is usually a well behaved dog when his owner are around, but his mischievous ways are revealed in this security camera sting operations.

You won’t believe the mess these two boxers made in only a few hours until you watch the surveillance footage yourself

This one dog wrecking crew was not happy about being left alone, and he took it out on the blinds. He must have thought his owners needed a remodel.

Not allowed on the bed? Just wait until your owners are gone and have a field day.

If you think your food is safe from your pets in the oven, this video will encourage you to think again.