FBI 2012 preliminary crime report

The latest preliminary Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics for 2012 show that compared with 2011, the number of violent crimes reported by law enforcement agencies in the US increased 1.2% during 2012, while the number of property crimes decreased 0.8%.

Highlights of the 2012 preliminary crime report include:

  • Compared to 2011, the West had the largest increase in reported violent crime (up 3.3%), while the Northeast saw the only decrease (down 0.6%).
  • The Northeast was the only area where all four violent crime categories saw decreases—murder (down 4.4%), forcible rapes (down 0.2%), robberies (down 1.4%), and aggravated assaults (down 0.1%).
  • Cities with populations of 500,000 to one million saw the largest rise in reported violent crime (up 3.7%).
  • Nationally, burglary decreased 3.6% in 2012 compared with 2011 data. Motor vehicle theft increased 1.3%, and larceny-theft offenses remained virtually unchanged.
  • Property crime increased by 5.2% in the West, while the number of property crimes dropped 1.6% in the Northeast, 2.1% in the Midwest, and 3.5% in the South.
  • Burglary decreased in all city sizes, including a 7.0% decrease in cities with 250,000 to 500,000 people. Burglaries decreased 4.3% in non-metropolitan counties and 3.1% in metropolitan counties.
  • Motor vehicle thefts grew by 10.6% in the West, while declining in the Northeast (down 7.9%), the Midwest (down 3.1%), and the South (down 2.9%).
  • The number of arson incidents fell 1.2%.

View the full preliminary 2012 crime statistics report on the FBI website.