Did you know that 70% of all break-ins occur on residential property – with over half of the break-ins taking place in broad daylight from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m? This blog post will discuss how a wireless surveillance system can offer 24/7 protection and monitoring for a safer home and business.

Wirefree Security Systems Offer Transparency for a Safer Home

No two homes are alike, but every home is susceptible to a break-in. Wirefree systems are a powerful, high-definition surveillance strategy that offers 24/7 monitoring, smart analytics to detect intrusion activity, and instant alerts delivered to your mobile device so you always stay connected.


For homeowners that don’t want the hassle of installing long-distance cabling, a wire-free surveillance system is a perfect solution.

Wirefree home surveillance provides homeowners with:

  • Eliminating the need for wall or ceiling mounting – just plug them into your wifi network and you’re good to go!
  • Wi-Fi range up to 150 feet indoors, and up to 450 feet outdoors with a clear line of sight
  • Smart analytics like intrusion detection, motion detection, and line crossing
  • For extra protection against data theft, add on cloud storage – providing an extra layer of security for your video footage.

Supercircuits offers feature-rich wirefree systems . They include a smart IR array for clear, bright images for both day and nighttime surveillance, a built-in microphone and speaker for 2-way communication, and long-lasting battery life.

This kit’s wire-free security cameras are designed and engineered for quick and easy installation. 

3 Tips to Promote Greater Safety and Security For Your Home

Don’t draw unnecessary attention to your home. Take a quick walk-through of your home. Do you have valuables in plain view – such as a laptop displayed in front of your living room window? Do you leave Amazon packages out on your front porch, or bring them in right away?

Do you leave bikes in the driveway, or do you occasionally leave your garage door up all day – even when you’re at home?

These are all invitations for an easy grab-and-go for criminals – but it can easily be prevented.

Make sure that you’re removing visibility to intruders by turning down your shades, and locking your doors when you’re not home, as well as bringing in valuable packages from your front porch as soon as you return home.

Get Seen and Heard in Your Neighborhood

Sometimes, neighbors can be your best advocate and protection against theft behavior. Make a pact with your neighbor – you’ll be vigilant of suspicious behavior for their home if they do the same for yours – a win/win! If your neighbors know when you’re away they’ll be more likely to report suspicious behavior when you’re not home.

Wire-free Surveillance for 24/7 Monitoring

For homeowners who want a simple approach to keeping their valuables and loved ones safe, Supercircuits offers feature-rich, wire-free security solutions as the perfect all-in-one solution.

Choose between 2, 4, or 6 high-resolution cameras (with the flexibility to add more over time), an NVR, and a pre-installed and pre-configured hard drive.

Interested in learning more about wire-free surveillance systems, and how they can benefit your business? Call us today!