What You Need to Know About 960H

960H is a new generation of analog technology for CCD image sensors. Analog security cameras using advanced 960H CCD image sensors produce high-resolution video that is 960 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels large (960 x 480) for near HD video quality. 960H CCD image sensors capture more pixels per object than standard image sensors and maintain a high image contrast.

Sharp, High-Resolution Images

960H recording resolution delivers high quality, high-resolution video for live-viewing and recording. A camera with a 960H image sensor works with a 960H DVR to deliver a 33% larger image and provide sharper, more detailed video than standard DVRs that record at D1 resolution.

No Image Stretching

960H produces a wider image than CIF or D1. This reduces image stretching on widescreen monitors, which is a common problem with lower resolutions.

Higher Resolution at a Minimal Cost

960H technology provides a cost-effective solution for obtaining high resolution images, with 33% higher resolution than D1. With 960H you gain higher resolution than traditional analog, at the same cost or only slightly higher (on average).

How Resolutions Compare

How Resolutions Compare

How 960H DVRs Compare to Traditional D1-Capable DVRs

Let’s say you have an analog security camera with a 960H CCD image sensor that produces 700 TV lines of resolution connected to a DVR that records at D1 video resolution. The DVR will only be able to clearly distinguish up to 540 TV lines of resolution. This results in video that’s lower in resolution and less clear.

If you have 960H analog camera connected to a 960H DVR, the DVR will realize the full 700 TV lines of resolution. Combined, the 960H camera and DVR will produce a sharper, more detailed image.

Note: Since 960H images are larger than D1 images and higher in resolution, recording at 960H will require more hard drive storage space than recording at D1.

How 960H Technology Works

In order to produce and record true 960H video, you need a 960H security DVR and a 960H- capable video security camera. A 960H DVR will produce 960H high-resolution video for recording and live-viewing, as long as the analog security camera connected to it is 960H-capable, and able to produce at least 650 TV lines of resolution.

Why Choose 960H?

960H technology provides a cost-effective analog solution for obtaining higher-resolution video that is sharp, detailed and well-suited for capturing facial identification, license plate recognition and the ability to zoom in on details.