Prisoner Transportation with Real-time Monitoring

Transporting prisoners is always a high risk mission due to the many variables associated with moving prisoners through public areas, highways, and cities with limited support. Thankfully, reliable and affordable technologies exist today that give officers a helping hand and provide them with the back-up they need no matter how far they are from their target destination.

The {{widget type=”catalog/product_widget_link” anchor_text=”DVRM6W mobile DVR” template=”catalog/product/widget/link/link_inline.phtml” id_path=”product/5004 from Supercircuits is a prime example of such technology and is currently in use not only in prison transport units, but in bait cars, SWAT operations, and other surveillance applications. This four channel mobile digital video recorder has integrated 3G and 4G capabilities that make it easy to use in critical law enforcement missions.

Duress Notification

A tremendous aid in all forms of law enforcement and corrections applications is the ability to monitor all of the cameras in the field from the command center. However, officers’ attention spans dwindle quickly when watching scene after scene of inactivity. The built-in alarm functions of the DVRM6W gain immediate attention when triggered, and allow officers to focus on other tasks while dormant.

One of the four alarm inputs of the DVRM6W can be connected to a panic button or switch for the driver in a prison transport vehicle. A simple tap of a button or flip of a switch can send a SMS text alert or an email with a video clip to command for immediate assistance and back-up.


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Real-Time Monitoring

This alert can prompt command to immediately focus attention on the transport vehicle in question. Not only can command view and listen to the transport vehicle in real-time, but so can other officers at multiple locations with the included central management software (CMS).


The included CMS software can also track the transport over Google maps. The auto-snap feature always keeps the transport in question centered on the map, so at all times command knows the location of the transport vehicle and can share location details with supporting law enforcement agencies.


Should immediate intervention be necessary, the DVRM6W is equipped with a two-way audio function, enabling commands to officers and prisoners to be issued quickly and efficiently. Additionally, physical action can be taken with the built-in trigger outputs to secure doors, disable vehicle fuel pumps, initiate sirens, turn on emergency lights, etc, to help control the situation.

Allegations and Performance Auditing

Prisoner allegations are common in corrections, especially when they are transported between facilities. Mobile video recorders are the perfect answer to such allegations due to the readily available information about the transport — including recorded video and audio, GPS tracking, and information on standard vehicle activity.

The DVRM6W mobile video recorder can be easily programmed to stream this information continuously to remote servers or can be programmed to upload this information once the transport returns to its dispatching unit.

Installation and Operation

Installing devices such as the DVRM6W is similar to common emergency or communication equipment. Agency staff tasked with the maintenance of vehicles and equipment should find implementing the DVRM6 a moderate installation with familiar connections.

Even though the included CMS software can mange several thousand cameras and simultaneously watch over 90 cameras in real-time, the installation of the software is simple; it literally takes less than five minutes.

When necessary, companies like Supercircuits provide technical support for devices such as the DVRM6W. They can provide complete support remotely, as if they had boots on the ground; another key advantage of the remote capabilities of these devices.

Leveraging Technology

Agencies are typically not convinced of the technological advantages of the DVRM6W over other costly solutions (including GPS solutions) until they see it in action. Because of this, companies like Supercircuits perform live demonstrations online and in person.

If you are interested in a solution such as the DVRM6W, set up a demonstration today to experience the advantages of the {{widget type=”catalog/product_widget_link” anchor_text=”DVRM6 mobile solution” template=”catalog/product/widget/link/link_inline.phtml” id_path=”product/5004 and learn how you can better protect officers in the field.

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