AVSI-10 Interview Room System Records Full-HD Video with Synchronized Audio

The AVS-I10 1-Camera HD-TVI 1080p Full-HD Resolution Interview Room Audio/Video Surveillance System is an easy-to-use interview room solution that provides a visual record of subject interviews and police interrogations—in sharp, detailed, high-definition video.

The AVSI-10 interview room system is well-suited for the following applications: Criminal investigations, suspect and witness interrogation, casework interviews and documentation, jury selection and deliberation, parole interviews, legal depositions, DUI documentation, and corporate job interviews.

Captures Facial Expressions and Responses in Full-HD Video

The user-friendly interview room system features a high-resolution image sensor that records 1080p full high-definition (full-HD) video. The recorded HD video is extremely important for providing video verification (along with audio), and the level of detail needed to see how an individual or suspect responded (including facial expressions) during the interview or interrogation process.

Delivers Easy, One-Button Recording

The interview room recording solution comes equipped with convenient wall switch that triggers the DVR to begin recording when it is flipped on, along with a recording in-progress sign that lets you know when video is being recorded.

Allows for Easy Expansion

The interview room system offers easy expansion capabilities to increase coverage and capture every angle by adding more cameras in a single room. Or install single cameras in up to four rooms—enabling you to record four separate interview rooms, including audio from a single DVR.

Provides Seamless, Synchronized Audio and Video Playback

The interview room recording solution’s digital video recorder offers seamless video and audio synchronization to prevent lag times and provide real-time recording and playback.

Prevents Tampering and Simplifies Searching

The easy-to-use DVR records a time and date stamp onto the video to prevent tampering. It also offers a “Tag Management” feature that provides simple search and playback, so you can quickly find the important video you need to locate.

Offers Multiple Connection Ports for Flexible Viewing

Multiple connection ports provide flexible connectivity options for viewing video and include: 1x BNC input, 1x BNC output, 1x HDMI output and 1x VGA (D-Sub) analog output.

Provides Simple Video Offloading

The AVSI-10 also offers simple video offloading via USB, e-Sata, or network (MP4).

Protects Law Enforcement Professionals from False Claims

This interview room and interrogation system also is ideal for protecting law enforcement professionals against claims of misconduct, coercion, or abuse during interviews.

Produces Court-Admissible Video and Audio Evidence

The AVSI-10 provides a true account of the interview and interrogation process, providing real-time video and audio of what the suspect says, along with associated body language. HD video provides the detailed video evidence needed for court-admissible evidence—leading to more guilty pleas and convictions.

Want to Learn More About This Interview Room System?

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