Managing the security of a retail business can seem like a daunting undertaking.  Between slip-and-falls, capturing shoplifters in the act, and monitoring employee behavior to ensure quality control, there are just not enough hours in the day to watch over your business 24/7.

An on-premise video security system can do all the work for you – acting as the eyes and ears of your business when you can’t be there. Here are four must-haves to ensure you choose the right one.  

Instant Alerts and Notifications When Theft Occurs

Theft is one of the most significant security risks for a retailer – but an on-premise system can mitigate this risk by offering real-time alerts and notifications.


When a shoplifter attempts to steal merchandise or a break-in occurs during off-hours, management is immediately alerted on their smartphone.

Within minutes, they can download their footage and send it to the authorities, with a resolution clear enough to identify the criminal.  

High-Resolution Cameras That Keep You in Compliance

State law requires many business owners in high-risk industries like retail to provide security cameras that meet a specific resolution, as well as specified locations, such as critical entrances, exits, and above point-of-sale areas.

An on-premise system that provides clear resolution to capture transactional and theft activity will ensure you stay in compliance and avoid any violations as a result.

Cameras With Enough Versatility to Capture Day/Night Activity

For business owners who are purchasing their first on-premise security system, the choices can be overwhelming.

Bullets or dome?

Fixed lens or PTZ?

Night vision or not?

Monitoring activity during off-hours is easy with a starlight camera.

Many of our cameras offer a built-in starlight chipset, offering bright, color video in every lighting environment, and is durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions, vandalism, and tampering.  

24/7 Video Monitoring for Risk Mitigation

Just one slip-and-fall can lead to severe financial and legal consequences. Without video evidence to prove your innocence (that the accident was caused by the customer’s negligence and not unsafe store conditions), you’re at the mercy of the court and can set you back thousands of dollars in legal fees.

An on-premise system can effectively monitor store activity 24/7/365, protecting you with the valuable evidence you need to win your case and protect your assets.

Supercircuits offers a diverse selection of the most powerful and cost-effective video security solutions on the market.  Our cameras feature built-in analytics, a free mobile app, and powerful starlight technology for night vision – so you’re always covered.

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