The highest priority of any school administration is to provide a safe and secure educational environment for students, faculty, and staff.  Read on to learn how Supercircuits offers video security solutions that make it easy to create a learning environment that is safer and secure for every education level – from pre-k through university. 

Deter Trespassers and Theft

Video security allows school administrators to establish preventative measures to keep their campus safe after hours and deter trespassers and theft. Simply place high-resolution cameras in your most critical areas, capture video evidence of trespasser activity, receive notification on your mobile device, and share with authorities in real-time.


Incident Resolution

Our all-in-one security camera systems include everything you need to resolve student-to-student conflict on the spot, providing reliable, all-in-one video security.  Place security cameras in your highest risk areas – from classrooms, hallways, and administration offices and achieve a powerful tool that allows you to identify suspects and use as evidence to enforce disciplinary measures.  

Remotely Monitor High-Risk Areas

Open areas like the gym, outdoor fields, and parking lots can become your most high-risk areas of all. Cloud video surveillance provides a cutting-edge surveillance solution, so you’re always connected. Set pre-defined perimeters, get alerted to activity, add or disable unlimited users and cameras, and remotely log in to view live or pre-recorded footage from anywhere. With 24/7 recording, you can capture and securely store video evidence as long as you need it.  

“The Cloud video solution has provided me, my staff, our students and parents with a much-needed peace of mind – knowing that we have a cost-effective and reliable means to provide an additional layer of security on our campus.” – Chris Martin, Assistant to Head of School for Hyde Park Schools

Video Security Solutions Ideal for Schools From Pre-K to Universities

High Definition Video Security   

Our diverse lineup of traditional IP cameras and specialty IP cameras can help you solve every security challenge. Our solutions are completely customizable and highly scalable to protect any school size – from preschool to universities.

Cloud Security Stays Within Budget 

Every school has unique site-specific challenges requiring varying levels of flexibility and complexity to suit their individual needs. By deploying cloud security cameras, securely store your video evidence off-site. Cloud offers the ultimate flexibility for schools that need to monitor multiple campuses, users, and cameras. Remotely access footage 24/7 from a centralized interface, increase your camera count, manage users and remove network maintenance tasks from your IT team. With the Cloud, it’s all handled for you, wrapped up into one subscription, so you always stay on budget.

Hybrid Video Surveillance– The Best of Both Worlds   

A hybrid security solution allows you to enhance your surveillance for your most sensitive, critical areas without the need to overhaul your existing system. Simply add cloud cameras anywhere you need extra protection and adjust your storage as needed– while only paying for what you need. Whether you have one store or 100, the hybrid cloud model is an affordable and scalable strategy for securing your inventory, property, and most important assets.   

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