Jaw Dropping Disasters Caught on Surveillance Camera

There are natural disasters that occur every day all around the world that we might not ever witness if not for available technology.

Surveillance cameras have been able to catch some amazing footage of these natural disasters, giving us a little bit of insight into what these disasters are actually like in real time and what kind of impact and damage they can cause.

Extreme Landslide Caught on Camera

In this footage of a landslide, you can see the whole side of a mountain quickly tumble down. It is incredibly scary to watch knowing that there could have been houses sitting on this mountain, as well as houses underneath the wreckage.

Tupelo, Mississippi Tornado

Everyone knows about the damage tornadoes can cause. This surveillance camera at a neighborhood park captured the intense moments inside a tornado that struck Tupelo, Mississippi in 2014. In the footage, you can see the before and aftermath of the tornado and watch how quickly it destructs.

Supermarket Earthquake

The 7.6 earthquake in Costa Rica fortunately didn’t cause any major damage, but it did shake up a lot of the buildings. The Cope supermarket in Naranjo city caught the earthquake on surveillance footage, capturing the damage caused by the quake in their store.

Giant Rock Mudslide Caught on Dash Cam

This dash cam caught a mudslide in Keelung, Taiwan where a giant rock comes inches within completely crushing a car. Luckily, there were no casualties in this incident.

Japanese Tsunami

This dash cam captures a tsunami in Japan rushing unto a highway. You can see how quickly the water swarms the cars and buildings, barely giving anyone time to escape. This rare footage gives us an inside look to what goes on during these natural disasters and how we can prepare ourselves for the next disaster.