Do You Know Who Is Spying On Your Baby? Infographic

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How to protect your baby’s IP camera from hackers

There’s no doubt that nursery IP cameras are great tools for parents. They allow parents to watch over their baby from another room in the house or across town at the office. News stories about hackers dialing into private IP camera networks, however, have heightened our awareness for potential security breaches. Protect your baby from digital intruders by following these easy and effective security tips.

1. Buy trusted, reviewed IP cameras

Not all nursery cameras are alike. Trusted brands usually means more security and a smaller chance that the source code is out on the Internet.

2. Update firmware according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

Like many gadgets, baby IP cameras need tune-ups. Check manufacturer websites every 3 – 6 months to make sure that your camera is running on the latest version.

3. Create a secure username

A secure username adds another layer of protection to your IP camera. Upon installation, change the username from the typical “admin” to something unique and not easily guessed.

4. Create a safe IP list

Only allow trusted IP addresses to access your nursery IP camera. If you want to regularly check on your baby while you’re at the office, add your work IP address to the list. The same goes for hotels if you are going on vacation.

5. Use encrypted WIFI especially when viewing through a mobile device

When you’re accessing your feed, make sure there is a lock icon in the bottom-right corner of your browser and the url have https: at the beginning. If you are missing these items, your WIFI is not encrypted and can be breached.

6. Create a secure password

“Strong” passwords are critical to IP cam security. Avoid names, special dates, and used passwords. A strong password is a string of characters, usually 7 to 20 long, which is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters in upper and lowercase form.