7 Everyday Surveillance Objects with Action Hero Qualities

When we think of everyday objects that function as tiny surveillance cameras, we tend to envision James Bond films or high-tech stuff accessible only to the CIA or the Secret Service. However, many of these items are readily available for purchase online, and they’re not as expensive as you might think.

In fact, hidden cameras disguised as mirrors, clocks or smoke alarms make effective and affordable alternatives to expensive security devices used to identify criminals in the act of robbing your home or business. The tools can also be used to help prevent elderly or child abuse, employee theft or other court cases demanding clear-cut evidence.

Here’s just a sampling of the kinds of hidden cameras in everyday objects that anyone can buy off the Internet:

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Smoke Detector with Hidden Camera

Want to keep an eye on your home when you’re away on vacation or at the office? Simply install surveillance smoke detectors in every room. Some of these even support multiple cameras to capture images from every angle.

They come equipped with an authentic-looking red light just like the one you see on “real” smoke detectors and even beep occasionally to complete the ruse.

Thermostats with High Resolution Night/Day Hidden Cameras

Are you in the market for a new thermostat? Consider replacing your old model with an energy-efficient surveillance thermostat. No one would suspect that your temperature gauge is actually a superhero camera in disguise.

Picture Frames with DVR, Camera and Quad Receiver

This one is really clever—who would even consider the idea that a normal-looking frame holding a picture of sweet, innocent Aunt Millie would have a wireless hidden camera embedded in it? What’s great about this type of surveillance device is that you can move the picture frame from room to room and guests will just think you are redecorating.

Wall Clocks with Day and Night Hidden Cameras

Another common household object that can double as your surveillance hero is a wall clock. After all, you see wall clocks virtually everywhere—in stores, at the office, at home, and beyond. Wall clocks with hidden cameras also make great gifts, as the recipient will not only know the time but be protected by the bonus security camera feature!

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Spy Camera Watches

Another everyday object that makes a great gift is a camera watch! Wearing functional wrist accessories is coming back into style, and wouldn’t you love to have a super stealthy watch that allows you to record anything at any time? No one will be any the wiser that you may be filming the next viral video sensation!

Hidden Camera Pencil Sharpeners

Although you don’t see a lot of pencil sharpeners around anymore, they can still be useful for surveillance purposes. Most people ignore them nowadays, making them the perfect tool for recording undercover security video, particularly when it comes to preventing theft of company property in an office.

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams help keep a careful eye on your kids and their careers while being discreet at the same time. For instance, many people choose to put hidden cameras in stuffed animals, which don’t look at all out of place in a child’s room.

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