These days, IT professionals are experiencing a ‘cloud commotion’. As businesses grow, security threats prevail and the demand for cost-controlled measures rises. More than ever before, security professionals have turned to the cloud for a more cost-effective, scalable solution.

This blog post examines the top 5 reasons cloud video surveillance is paving the way for a more secure future.

Security Challenges For a Fast Growing Franchise

Edward was the IT Project Manager for a restaurant group of Domino’s franchisees who were expanding rapidly all over Texas.


As their number of locations grew, the more complex Edward’s job became – as he quickly realized that securing a multi-site, multi-user business presented security challenges not easily handled with an on-premise system.

His main challenges included:

  • Adding and removing users was time-consuming and cumbersome in a multi-site, high-turnover, retail business
  • Ensuring all of the systems were up to date with the latest firmware and software updates became challenging due to the geographic spread of the organization.
  • Setting up video viewing by region or store area was challenging since each location had its own recorder, and each new location added to the complexity of their security system.

Cloud Video Surveillance – Saving IT Resources, Time and Money

Choosing cloud video surveillance granted his team and his owners at large the ability to oversee, streamline and scale their security solution easily, and instantly.

Easy multi-user management – allows them to easily add or disable users from their security system from one centralized account dashboard. They can now assign user permissions by region, by city, by location, by the camera, or by date/time. Cloud doesn’t limit their users, and instead of taking

Offpremise storage – replaced the need for on-premise recording devices for a cloud-based solution. Cloud VS provides ultra-secure direct camera-to-cloud storage featuring the latest cybersecurity measures and easy to apply remote firmware updates to ensure the solution is up to date.

Storage features of the cloud include:

  • End to end data encryption
  • Built-in triple data redundancy
  • Fault-tolerant site infrastructure
  • Dual-powered cooling equipment

Multi-location surveillance – offered an easy setup of different views within their organization based on their needs. Regional managers that were on the road traveling from location to location can access all stores with one log-in, and view up to 25 locations at once.  They can also customize their view by city, location, or store area to ensure they could view the operations as needed.

Scalable features – Cloud video surveillance can handle an unlimited number of cameras and locations from one account—giving them the ability to scale security as they grew their location base.  

Benefit #5: Cloud Cuts Costs

By switching out their on-premise system for an off-site, cloud solution, the owners have put money back in their pocket. They’ve removed the risk of hardware failure and securing their data against vandalism and theft by storing everything in the cloud. Their maintenance and upgrades are all wrapped up in a monthly subscription so they never have to worry about going over budget. As their business grows, they simply add more locations or cameras on demand – only paying for what they need.

Cloud video surveillance provides a streamlined, scalable security system to healthcare organizations. Interested in learning more about how it can benefit yours? Call us today!