New Year's video security resolutions

How to multiply the benefits from your New Year’s resolutions with video security systems.

A video security system certainly fits with many New Year’s resolutions. Video cameras are not just for local banks, convenience stores, and retail chains anymore. Thanks to easy installation and dramatically lower prices more homeowners are using video surveillance systems to protect their home, and many are discovering unforeseen benefits.

A stress free life

Monitor your video security system remotely

Smart phone apps let you check on things at home from anywhere in the world

We can all relate to stress, worry, and the desire to reduce daily hassles. Installing a security system is an easy way to reduce worrisome questions like “Is my home alright?” or “Are there thieves in my home?”

A video surveillance system is also an easy way to keep an eye on other issues that homeowners deal with every day like water lines breaking, fires, and pets destroying furniture.

Every time you open your laptop or check an app on your smart phone, you can reduce some of the worries of being a home owner. From anywhere in the world you can quickly log-in to check on your house, children and pets to make sure that everything is alright.

Personally, it is amazing, and comforting to see that my home is safe and secure when I am away.

Save more nickels!

If you’re breathing and still haven’t won the lottery, then you’re like the rest of us — trying to figure out either how to make more, or at least, save more money. A home security system can do both, make and save money. Here’s how and why:


Video security systems reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance

Almost all insurance companies that provide homeowners policies are very quick to provide substantial discounts for homes equipped with security systems.

When insurance companies agree to a policy with you, they’re basically betting against the odds that your home will be burglarized or will experience damage due to natural wear and tear, time, or acts of nature.

Obviously, insurance companies know a video surveillance system significantly lowers the chances of burglary, home invasion, or false claims from visitors. Insurance companies also know that a video security system can even protect the homeowner from themselves.

Installing a security system not only saves you money from day one, it also saves your insurance company money by early detection of burglary, vandalism and other home “disasters.”

So, in short, the day you install a surveillance system and notify the insurance company, you start saving money. Today’s security systems, in spite of their advance features, are low cost, are easy to quickly pay for, and give you a positive ROI in no time.

Helping others

When you get a video security system installed in your house your family is the primary benefactor. However, your neighbors will inadvertently experience some level of benefit.

First, visible security cameras make a strong deterrent to crime in the immediate area. Second, if you or your neighbors are victims of a crime, even small details such as the make of a car, time of day, or direction of travel captured by your home security system can turn into key details in solving the crime.

Hopefully you and your neighbors are never victims of crime, but it’s a great feeling knowing the information captured by your home security system can be used to give another family some degree of solace.

Learning something new

Many people are hesitant to invest in a video security system simply because they’ve never installed one before and consequently think that installing a system is difficult. Installing a video surveillance system is easier than you think. If you can connect your DVD player to the television, then you can install a security system.

If you get stuck or you need help, technical support is not what it used to be. Nowadays, technicians can remotely log into video recorders and help you every step of the way. If you are still hesitant about installing your own surveillance system, just give me a ring and I’ll recommend a friend to help install your system.

Staying connected

It’s not always about security. A home security camera system can help you stay in touch. I travel a lot and sometimes miss those lazy summer evenings with the kids in the front yard. So, when I get a second I’ll check in on the family via the camera system, surprise them with a phone call and let them know I’m watching. That always brings a smile!

Also, I know a lot of customers with elderly parents that need extra attention, but geographic restrictions make checking in and visiting their parents difficult. A solution I often suggest to these customers is to install a camera system.

Some customers even go on to integrate commercially available panic buttons into the system to send them a text or email when the button is activated. This way they’re able to stay connected and keep their parents safe regardless of the distance.

I always enjoy seeing someone invest in a video security system, especially before crime occurs. It is always neat to see the sense of confidence gained by our customers, and then to receive calls from their friends and neighbors when they learn how simple, affordable and cool it is to own a video security system.