Urgent care clinics are a growing business within the healthcare industry – treating 89 million patients annually. Yet, they face numerous challenges in creating a safe environment for patients and visitors while also maintaining a high level of security. This blog post will uncover how cloud video surveillance can provide a cost-effective and streamlined approach to their security, compliance, and liability challenges.

Overseeing the Security of Restricted Areas 

Many urgent care clinics supply narcotics and other pharmaceuticals on-site for their patient’s care and treatment.

Security compliance laws require clinics to secure their inventory in a storage room or other restricted area with limited access.

Overseeing these areas requires a surveillance system that can monitor and capture patient and employee activity with recorded 24/7 video and alert them of real-time activity.  

Cloud Video Security offers intuitive desktop, and mobile applications allow you to view live and recorded video, schedule recordings, download and export video evidence within seconds.

Cloud will also enable you to assign alerts that include line crossing or object removal in key areas like the pharmaceutical closet or manager office.

When an individual crosses a restricted area, you can be alerted in real-time. Monitor your urgent care business via your computer or smart devices, from anywhere you have Internet access at any time!

Ensuring HIPPA Compliance   

One of the most significant challenges for urgent care clinics is complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The protection of patient data has become challenging for urgent care facilities to manage – and the more locations they have, the more daunting it becomes.  

Clinics are often overcrowded. Due to their walk-in, retail-facing nature, clinic owners risk patient records exposure to the public, resulting in patient accusations and potential lawsuits.

A security system can monitor employee and patient behavior, which can help employers ensure staff members follow the administrational security measures you’ve put in place to protect patient records and maintain HIPAA compliance.  

Cloud Video Security provides a simple way for medical clinic owners to ensure compliance is being met and reduce the risk of a HIPAA violation.

It offers a scalable and straightforward solution, even if you already have an on-premise security system in place.

Just add cloud-enabled cameras in your key areas, and increase your locations as you grow – only paying for what you need, when you need it.

Remote access into your dashboard, select your camera, and view live or playback video from wherever you are.

Monitoring Theft Activity 

Theft and break-ins remain one of the biggest threats to urgent care centers. Because clinics owners are responsible for their pharmaceutical supplies and inventory, just one break-in can result in a huge liability and compliance violation – costing thousands of dollars in lost inventory, property damage, and fines.

A surveillance system that can capture and notify the employer in real-time– especially when theft occurs during off-hours in crucial.

Unlike a traditional system that stores their data on-location, video footage from the Cloud is streamed directly to an off-premise T4 data center featuring triple redundancy – virtually removing the risk of your video evidence being stolen, tampered with, or lost. Its advanced analytics allows you to create zones and adjust camera sensitivity where break-ins or theft are likely to occur so that you’re notified as it happens.

With Cloud, you achieve ultimate control over your business. Get alerted to theft activity on the spot, download the footage from your mobile device, and send it to authorities within minutes.

Supercircuits Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions  

Cloud Video Security can solve security challenges for urgent care centers by offering 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for an entirely scalable and streamlined solution.

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