Top 5 Locations for Home Hidden Cameras

Along with a video security system, hidden cameras provide an additional line of defense for your home. Homeowners rely on hidden cameras to complement an existing video security system and deter vandalism and property damage, theft and break-ins, monitor domestic help and service providers, and keep their families safe.

There are a number of camera locations that are advantageous for providing optimal hidden surveillance coverage for your home.

Here are the best locations for hidden security cameras for your home:

1. The Front Door

The front door is the first point of entry into your home. Placing a camera in this high-traffic location will help you monitor who enters and when. A well-designed covert camera, such as a floodlight that hangs from the eaves of your roof, your front porch, or mounted above the outside of your front door—blends in well in the home environment and the camera is virtually undetectable.

2. Living Rooms & Family Rooms

The living room or family room is one of the main areas in a home where family activities happen. Placing a camera in this high-traffic location will help you keep your family safe. A covert camera, such as a wall clock, picture frame or thermostat blends in well inside a living room or family room environment and enables you to keep an eye on nannies and caregivers who may be watching over your children.

Big ticket items like home theater systems, big screen TVs, gaming consoles and other items used for entertainment are commonly placed in living rooms and family rooms. A hidden camera located in the room can provide surveillance to guard against theft.

3. Home Offices

Keep sensitive documents and safes hiding valuable secure by installing a video camera in your home office. A hidden camera can help you keep an eye on domestic help, service providers or thieves who may access files, personal information and records that are confidential.

A ceiling mounted hidden camera such as a smoke detector or sprinkler head can provide a wide angle 360° view and offer an effective security solution.

4. Patio Doors

Thieves love entering through the backyard and sliding glass patio doors and French doors. Placing a hidden camera above the entry point of your patio doors outside will provide a view of your backyard and anyone who may be entering through your patio door.

A hidden camera placed above a patio that also provides a view of the backyard also enables you to keep an eye on expensive lawn equipment and recreational vehicles that may be stored in your backyard or shed.

5. Safe Rooms

Keep your valuables and assets safe. Placing a hidden camera inside any room where a safe that hides your important information and valuables such as jewelry, coins, cash and other items provides another layer of security.

Placing a hidden camera disguised inside an AC adapter, fan or air purifier, clock radio or PIR sensor enclosure enables you to keep the camera hidden and provides an effective security solution for monitoring safe rooms and other rooms where you may hide your valuables.

Hidden Camera Laws

Every state has its own set of laws regarding the use of hidden cameras. It’s advisable to research your own state’s laws and consult with legal counsel before placing hidden cameras in your home.