More organizations than ever before are adopting cloud video surveillance into their infrastructure – but why? Cloud video surveillance offers many benefits– especially for industries like the automobile, cannabis, and multi-site retail sectors who need to protect their staff, customers, and assets with secure data footage.

Read on to learn why Cloud video surveillance provides a more secure business for these three industries – and how it can do the same for yours.   

What Is Cloud Video Surveillance? 

Cloud Video Surveillance is a powerful camera-to-cloud solution that lets you take customer surveillance video directly to the Cloud – without any on-premise recording device. 


The solution gives you off-premise storage and powerful tools– making it ideal for unlimited users and multi-site applications.

Cloud Protects Auto Sales Industries With an Off-Premise Solution 

From dealerships to discount car lots, 24-7 surveillance is mandatory. Theft and vandalism pose a constant threat that requires secure, off-premise footage. Why?

The average dealership or auto sales lot has up to hundreds of cars on their premises at any given time.

Even if a traditional on-premise security system captures the event, it’s typical for the on-site recorder to be damaged, or destroyed altogether.

Cloud Video Surveillance presents a secure and straightforward solution by storing video surveillance in an ultra-secure T4 data center – offering the same security level that major banking institutions use to store your personal banking information. 

Cloud Keeps Cannabis Business Owners in Compliance 

Many industries must follow strict video security guidelines to meet state or federal compliance guidelines.

To complicate matters, compliance requirements change often. For those in the cannabis industry, which present some of the strictest security regulations, Cloud Video Surveillance presents a scalable solution ideal for single and multi-site applications.  

Because it is stored off-site, adding more cameras to additional locations is simple.

There aren’t any recorders or servers to manage as you’d find with a traditional system.

All you have to do is add the number of cameras you’d like, increase or decrease your retention, choose from flexible storage offerings, and set permissions for unlimited users.

Cloud Video Surveillance provides a secure approach to compliance that adapts to compliance regulations and your business’s growth. 

Cloud Provides Retail Franchises with Easy Multi-Site and Multi-User Management 

Retail organizations must have an effective video security system to protect retailers against theft, liability claims, and inventory management. This can become a more complicated undertaking when you need to manage your video security with a multi-site infrastructure. With Cloud, you can log into all locations from one interface. 

  • Multi-User. Cloud Video Surveillance provides simple and secure user management – all managed from one interface and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It allows you to assign each person a unique login and password and define their permissions by location, time, camera, and area, so they only have access to what they need. Cloud also offers con-currently streaming to an unlimited number of users, so – the more, the merrier. Cloud provides a streamlined platform to support a total number of locations, cameras, and users. 
  • Multi-Site. Cloud allows you to easily addand remove locations, arrange your dashboard view by regional, by city, by facility area (i.e., manager’s office, warehouse) so you can easily watch over the entire organization. Because you’re logging into one account with one dashboard, you get the convenience of all your footage in one place. 

How Do I Get Started With Cloud Video Surveillance?

Cloud Video Surveillance is a simple, scalable, and secure platform, ideally suited to meet the multi-user and multi-site demands.

Contact your local security provider to install cloud-enabled cameras, connect them to your local network, activate them on the account, and you’re done. There’s no on-premise recording devices or bridges needed – and all cameras can be managed through one account.

Interested in learning more about how Cloud video security can benefit your business? Call us today!