As you navigate through this ‘new normal’ of the coronavirus pandemic, business owners are faced with a significant challenge: how to re-open their business safely. Newly emerging thermal detection technology can provide accurate, fast, and reliable screening for individuals with high temperatures – and offers the first line of defense against coronavirus and other contagious diseases from coming into your business.

Thermal Body Detection: Who Does It Benefit?

Covid-19 Challenges

Every business and facility must be concerned with the contamination and spread of coronavirus. Businesses in all sectors must come up with a plan to supplement safety processes for the new coronavirus threat. Businesses that are quickly trying to solve for this new challenge, include, but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Law offices
  • Retail stores
  • Airports
  • Convention centers
  • Sporting arenas
  • Doctor’s offices/dentist offices
  • Daycare centers
  • Schools

While you may already have specific safety measures in place, such as manual temperature screening, masks for customer use, or curbside/contactless pick-up, it may not be enough.

Thermal detection provides a supplemental layer of support for employees as they return to work, and peace of mind for guests and customers as they enter your business. Thermal body temperature solutions can be a powerful addition to any safety processes and protocols.

As state guidelines allow for businesses to reopen at reduced capacity, day-to-day operational challenges such as crowd control, high-volume temperature screening, and quick detection at high-traffic entry points will become increasingly difficult to manage.

Thermal detection solutions provide the first line of defense to meet these challenges with an immediate and reliable solution. 

Thermal Detection – Your Businesses’ First Line of Defense

By setting up a thermal body temperature detection area, in which individuals must pass in front of a thermal detection system, business owners can measure body temperatures and get instant alerts if anyone trying to enter that may be running a fever.

At that point, you can pull them aside for further evaluation or refuse access altogether. Here are key considerations when putting a body temperature detection solution in place for your business:

  • People Resource Requirements. Relying on staff and hand-held thermometers to read body temperatures has its drawbacks, including a dedicated team to scan temperatures. This means additional staffing and additional costs during a time of reduced occupancy and revenue.
  • Quick, Accurate detection for high-traffic areas. High-traffic environments like busy, crowded emergency rooms and schools require fast detection, so the overall operational flow won’t slow down. Thermal body temperature detection solutions can screen at a rapid 0.2 seconds per individual – and some even allow you to scan up to 15 people at a time. Thermal body temperature detection provides an efficient screening process and lets you build a pre-approved database of people who are permitted into the facility. Recognition accuracy is up to 90 percent for individuals wearing a mask, and 99 percent for those not wearing a mask.
  • No-contact solution. Thermal body temperature solutions help you mitigate the risk of accidental virus exposure between employees and high-risk individuals they’re screening. With hand-held temperature devices, you are asking your employees to get closer than 6 feet to read temperatures, fundamentally increasing their chance for exposure. Thermal body temperature detection provides additional peace of mind to your employees, knowing that while they do their job, their safety and well-being won’t be compromised in the process.

Supercircuits offers several thermal detection solutions, ideally suited to meet the healthcare industry’s safety demands and challenges. To learn more, contact a dedicated account manager at 877-995-2288.