Catch What Attacked Your Child

This little boy was playing in the driveway of his home when a dog came up to him and attacked him, ferociously biting and pulling on his leg. Luckily, the boy’s cat ran out and chased the dog away before that attack escalated.

Since this footage was captured on a security camera, the family was able to replay the footage to see what exactly attacked the little boy, where it came from, as well as whose dog it might have been.

This can definitely come in handy when trying to identify the dog so that this doesn’t happen again to someone else.

Catch Who Is Stealing Your Packages

If your packages always seem to go missing, your neighbor just might be the culprit. Installing a home security system would be able to tell you just who is stealing your precious packages.

This man in particular stole an expensive laptop off of his neighbor’s front porch. These two men have been neighbors for three years. You may think you know somebody, but this video shows you never really do.

Catch FedEx Truck Getting Away From Driver

This guy is clearly having a bad day. The FedEx driver was on his normal routine when his truck got away from him and rolled down the street into a neighbor’s yard.

Luckily, the truck didn’t hit anything, but this could have gone horribly wrong. Thankfully they had security cameras to watch the entire event unfold for officials.

Catch Who Is Responsible for Your Mailbox Damage

Have you ever come home to a broken mailbox? It could be due to a hit and run, a rowdy group of teenagers, or perhaps, a small kid on a bike. This tiny tot was just cruising along when BAM, collision with the mailbox.

Poor kid. His crying makes us feel bad, but at least the homeowner knew why his mailbox was in pieces on the ground.

Catch Drunken Customers

This security camera footage features a man, who seems to be highly intoxicated, trying to buy more beer. He starts off by stumbling into the store looking for the beer aisle and picks up a pack of beer.

After falling about ten times and running into the displays, he was confronted by the store clerk who was more than concerned about the man and tried to get him to leave the store.

As humorous as this is to watch, the footage can be used against the man displaying public intoxication and the damage he caused in the store.

Catch Employees Coming Into Work

This poor guy was just walking into work one day with his morning coffee when BAM…he runs into the glass door. We’re sure the security guards got a kick out of watching that. Besides being able to catch funny fails in the office like this, it is important to be able to know who is coming in and out of the office at all times.

Having a security camera system in the workplace gives employees extra security and protection so that they feel safe while at work.

Catch Who Is Leaving Trash in Your Yard

This security camera footage caught a trash man dumping out trash onto the homeowner’s lawn. Apparently the homeowner had complained to the trash company about them not picking up their trash, and this is how they got revenge. Good thing this was all caught on camera as proof.

Catch What Happened to your Corvette

A Corvette museum is swallowed up by a sinkhole, all caught on camera. It’s unfortunate, but at least the security cameras were able to help identify the cause of the catastrophe.

BONUS: Catch Something Amazing

Security cameras are great for protecting us, but they can also catch some pretty amazing things that are sure to put a smile on your face.