Eyecare Plus is a multi-location franchise and is Tennessee’s largest doctor-owned eye care provider. Eyecare Plus provides customers with pediatric and adult eye exams and a wide range of eyewear with over eight locations statewide. 

retail video security system

The Challenge – Expensive Inventory to Protect

Like many multi-site franchises, Eyecare Plus was presented with several unique security challenges involving credential management and inventory control:

  • Expensive, high-end retail to protect. To better control over their multi-site inventory, reduce shrinkage, and identify employee and customer theft, management needed high-resolution security cameras that offered a playback feature based on time and location and provided remote accessibility from their smartphone. 
  • Multiple location credential management.  Franchise ownership of eight locations among a high turnover made it difficult to promptly grant and disable user permissions. As new shift managers are onboarded to management, they needed the ability to give unique user permissions on-demand and quickly disable permissions for managers that quit or are let go. 

The Solution – High-Resolution Video for Critical, Key Areas

Eyecare Plus considered several security providers but decided on Alibi Security’s IP camera solution due to its high-resolution video, advanced analytic technology, and cost-effective solutions.

Seven 4.0-megapixel turret cameras and one 16 channel QVR were added to three of their most popular locations, with plans for additional cameras to be installed in their remaining stores by the end of the year. 

The Outcome – Supercircuits Security Helps Owners Run a Smarter Business

Eyecare Plus has seen a dramatic improvement in overall franchise security and safety throughout the past several months.

Each shift manager can log in from a centralized management system and watch live videos or view playback footage on demand.

When someone tries to shoplift or break into a store, predetermined intrusion detection technology allows instant notification on their smartphone – along with the ability to create a screenshot and download the clip to send to authorities.

Additionally, their staff is now recorded with 24/7 high-resolution video, providing Eyecare with the ultimate peace of mind that their franchise is secure from every aspect.

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