The Southart Fire Department is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. They operate out of two stations that primarily protect a residential area of 20,000 people within 18 miles. 

The Challenge – A Growing Department Needing All Eyes on Deck  

While they had an on-premise video security system in place, it wasn’t cost-effective or scalable for their growing department.

From a multi-site perspective, they needed a system that would seamlessly address three main challenges: 

  • Dozens of users to manage. The fire department’s most significant challenge involved granting dozens of users across two departments (fire and police) access to one system. With so many unique permissions per department, they needed to remotely control multiple user permissions from a centralized interface. 
  • Multiple locations to access. With two existing fire stations and with plans to build another one in 2021, they knew they needed a robust security system that would allow them to monitor all locations from one account, along with the ability to add additional locations and cameras as their department grew. 
  • Property damage. Since most of their property damaged resulted from apparatus collisions during on-site training, they needed to record incidents as they took place and improve the driving and operator performance for the new firefighters in training.  

The Solution – An Ultra-Secure, Off-Premise Cloud System

After considering several providers’ options, they chose a cloud video security system for their flexible and scalable solution offerings.

They installed 25 4MP cloud-enabled dome cameras in all critical areas across two locations. This included several cameras in each station’s driveway, front entrance, back entrances, and interior hallways.

All cameras had starlight technology, allowing management to benefit from bright surveillance– even when they need to capture video footage in total darkness. 

The Outcome – Scalable Security For a Growing Department

Eliminating on-premise recording devices and restrictive user permissions allowed the fire department to realize a higher security level and more flexibility than a traditional surveillance system could offer.

As their department’s needs continue to grow, their cloud security solution provides a simplicity they couldn’t achieve with a traditional system alone. 

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