Learn why Supercircuits Cloud Video Security solution was the ideal choice for this multi-site business– allowing them to streamline their operations, improve customer care procedures, and stay within budget.  

The Client 

Over the last decade, EmergeOrtho (EO) has grown into an award-winning multi-site business providing orthopedic, spine, and pain management services, with 45 locations across North Carolina. EmergeOrtho offers a broad range of orthopedic, sports medicine, and orthopedic urgent care services. 

The Challenge

With a rapidly growing footprint, they knew they needed a video surveillance system that was robust and flexible enough to meet four key challenges:

#1: Remote access and customizable viewing. One of their most critical needs was the ability to remotely access live and recorded footage.

Due to federally regulated healthcare compliance guidelines that required employees to follow standard operating procedures, they needed the ability to monitor all locations through one easy to use interface via their laptop or mobile device.

This was especially important since district managers and EO owners were frequently on the road and unable to view employee activity in person.

#2: Easy multi-user management. Because of their explosive growth, adding and deleting users for the security system needed to be simple.

With each new location, employees, regional managers, and HQ staff required the ability to easily access the security system —  while also being robust enough to scale on-demand as their user management needs change.  

#3: Secure storage that meets compliance regulations. EO owners were concerned about maintaining the integrity of their video evidence– especially in the event of a break-in that would result in tampered or stolen footage. 

Because state compliance laws require healthcare organizations to retain video footage for up to 60 days, they needed an ultra-secure method that would store their data until they could send it to the authorities or in the event of an audit.  

#4: Cost-effective scalability. EO also needed a security solution that could scale with their changing operations.

They wanted to minimize the number of recorders that could result in damaged, stolen, or failed hardware – which would compromise their security footage and result in out-of-pocket expenses.

They needed a cost-effective solution to reliable video capture, accessible 24/7, and the ability to add unlimited cameras and users as business needs dictate.

The Solution 

Although they initially considered an on-premise security system, EmergeOrtho owners chose Supercircuits Cloud Video Security solution because of its flexibility, scalability, and simplicity.

They implemented their Cloud solution at their busiest clinic – installing eleven cloud-enabled cameras to cover all key areas. Immediately, they realized the following benefits:

One dashboard and login for all locations:. Cloud Video Security provides a single login and dashboard for every site managed on the solution.

Owners and staff can log in remotely via computer or mobile device to stay connected to their multi-site business at any time and from anywhere.

They can now customize their views of the clinics by region, city, location, or clinic area (like the pharmacy) to watch over their operation’s most critical aspects.

The solution also gives them the ability to easily download footage from any device – particularly ideal for those district managers who were frequently on the road.

Scalability for a growing business.  Cloud Video Security has provided EO owners with a truly adaptable and customized solution,  with the ability to add and remove cameras as needed while also adjusting the amount of time they’d like their video footage stored.

Their network is now entirely adaptable.

No matter how fast they grow or how often healthcare compliance laws change, Cloud Video Security can not only meet those changes but provides a cost-effective model they can depend on for years to come. 

Secure footage, available as long as they need it.  Cloud Video Security transmits footage directly to a tier-4 data center offering triple redundancy.

When the district managers are traveling but want to check in on their clinics, monitor employee activity, or view their most critical areas, they can now do so with the peace of mind that their footage is available when – and as long as they need it.

As they continue to expand, they can increase or decrease their video retention – allowing them to only pay for what they need.

A simplified, cost-effective approach to their system’s maintenance. Unlike a traditional solution that requires additional recorders and cameras for each new location and an IT team to troubleshoot and perform regularly scheduled firmware updates and maintenance, they quickly realized this would require more up-front resources, budget, and bandwidth than they felt comfortable with.

Cloud Security manages everything – from overall health monitoring to firmware updates and alerting them with a camera has gone offline.

Deploying Cloud as a service has allowed them to free up their IT team while also ensuring they always stay within budget.  

Security that is up to date. Additionally, the Supercircuit Cloud Video Security solution offers state of the art, built-in cybersecurity that automatically provides the latest firmware and software updates, installs firmware updates for cameras and recorders.

Their video footage is stored in a T4 data center offering triple redundancy, guaranteeing uninterrupted footage and stored as long as they need it.

The Outcome

Since the Supercircuits Cloud Video Security solution was implemented at their busiest clinic, EmergeOrtho is already looking to bring a second location online and continue the rollout.

The solution allows them to remain compliant with medical regulations for video footage retention while maintaining a flexible infrastructure that can handle unlimited cameras and users.

Cloud Security was the ideal choice for this multi-site business – offering a scalable and cost-effective solution to support their security, compliance, and operational needs as they continue to grow.

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