See How Video Security Systems Are Catching Criminals

It’s no secret that video surveillance systems and home security systems are instrumental for securing homes and businesses, and providing detailed, court-admissible video evidence—to catch and convict criminals.

Below are news stories and videos from news sources around the Web— demonstrating how security camera systems are helping to fight crime, by capturing thieves on video.

Dad Tackles Bike Thief after Catching Him on Security Camera

An Austin, Texas homeowner is able to get his daughter’s bike back, thanks to his video security system. The thief entered the homeowner’s garage to steal the bike, while the home security system alerted the homeowner, who took off running after the thief. Read More »

SUV Nearly Hits School Children Stepping Onto School Bus

Harrowing video footage shows an SUV speeding by a stopped school bus, just narrowly missing three young school children ready to board the bus, as it zoomed by. Read More »

Albuquerque Homeowner Catches Armed Burglar on Surveillance Video

An Albuquerque, New Mexico homeowner was very glad that he installed a video security system at his home, because it enabled him to catch a recent armed burglar on surveillance video. Read More »

Home Surveillance Video Shows Aaron Hernandez Carrying ‘Gun’ After Killing

Surveillance video from Aaron Hernandez’ home is providing the prosecutors in his murder trial with critical video evidence. The home surveillance video shows Hernandez holding a gun after the killing. Read More »

Local Optometry Store Hit Twice in One Week by Sunglasses Thieves

A small, locally-owned Victoria optometry store that sells high-end sunglasses has been burglarized by thieves twice in one week. The thieves took nearly $10,000 worth of merchandise—and it is all caught on camera. Read More »

Copper Thieves Hit Building Three Times in a Week

Copper thieves were caught on camera stripping a vacant Minneapolis building of copper piping. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, the thieves burglarized the building three times in the same week. Read More »

Video: Nine men caught stealing purses from Phoenix Saks Fifth Avenue

A group of nine thieves were caught on stealing handbags from a Phoenix Saks Fifth Avenue store and it was all caught on video. Read More »

Surveillance Video Leads to Arson Arrest in Horry County

Surveillance video was a critical piece of evidence in a two-year-long arson investigation between Horry and Georgetown counties—that ultimately led to an arrest of the arsonist. Read More »

Search Underway for Burglary Suspect after Owner Gets Security Alert on Phone

Investigators are looking over surveillance video following a break-in at a pharmacy in Virginia—after the pharmacy owner’s alarm system notified his smartphone of the break-in. Read More »

Security Camera Captures Bold Burglar on Meridian Street

A brazen thief in Indianapolis broke into a store in Indianapolis, smashed a window, grabbed a TV, and took off—and it was all caught on surveillance video. Read More »

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