Last week, Supercircuits attended ASIS 2010 — one of the largest security trade shows in the world — in Dallas, Texas. Here are some thoughts on the show as it pertained to video security.

IP technology on the ascent

IP cameras featured prominently throughout the show. There was strong interest in how the capabilities of these products could be expanded — more megapixel options, pushing intelligence to the edge, analytics integration — along with the software solutions to control these devices.

Our own Black product line provoked considerable interest, and many organizations are clearly looking to incorporate IP technology into their 2011 CCTV expansion plans.

This shift away from analog is only going to accelerate as silicon continues to get smaller and more efficient, allowing more versatile form factors for security applications that were not previously possible with IP cameras.

The interest in software management solutions was evident in the popularity of our ‘Reflection’ video management software. Usability is clearly an important consideration for end users, as visitors to our booth commented in particular on Reflection’s ease of use and its layout, in addition to its technological capabilities.

Retail and mobile security solutions

Interest from retailers in security systems that integrate with point-of-sale solutions was high. We showed off a POS/retail analytics integration for fraudulent returns, which was well received and should help to solve a lot of problems for retailers.

Mobile investigation products such as The Badger received considerable attention from law enforcement and other customers. We had several loss prevention personnel visit us to learn how our custom solutions can help solve some of their theft problems.

Speaking of which, we know that Supercircuits is known for its covert camera solutions. People were asking if we brought the covert camera that looked like a water bottle, and we had to explain to more than a few that the water bottle on the investigations kiosk really was just that and not a camera recording their visit.