Micro Board Cameras Help Dallas Police Catch Thieves

Micro Board Cameras Help Dallas Police Catch Thieves

The Problem

Dallas and the surrounding areas had been getting hit hard with incidents of property crime and vehicle break-ins, and the Dallas Police Department needed an effective surveillance solution to tackle the growing problem.

The Solution

The Dallas Police Department chose Supercircuits’ micro board cameras and bait car kits to help them with the widespread vehicle burglary problem. The DPD placed hidden cameras and high-dollar ‘bait’ items in the back of pickup trucks in various high-crime areas to entice thieves to steal the bait, and capture the act on video.

All-in-One 700 TVL Resolution Cone Pinhole Lens Micro Board Camera

This high-quality micro camera is less than two square inches in diameter and weighs less than two ounces. The camera has a 90° field of view and produces 700 TV lines of high quality resolution to deliver crisp, detailed images. The pinhole camera has day/night functionality, produces true color images, is IR sensitive and has the ability to see in the dark up to 940 nM.

The Evidence

See the hidden cameras in action. Watch the actual surveillance video of a thief stealing ‘bait’ items out of the back of a truck.

The Result

The hidden surveillance cameras and recorded video of motor vehicle burglaries and break-ins have helped the DPD catch and prosecute thieves in the Dallas area.

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